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Matching Phones

on July 29, 2014

samsung-convoyLoverman’s replacement phone should be here by this coming Friday. Yay!

I bought him a leather case for it that latches onto his belt ($5 – gotta love Ebay!) because few months ago we were messing around and I accidentally broke his old plastic cover. I feel partially responsible — if his original phone case hadn’t been broken, he would have had somewhere to put his phone.

Right now he is using one of my spare phones.

This weekend I got a good giggle out of it because, right now, Loverman and I are using the exact same phone.

We have matching phones!

How cuuuuute!!!



8 responses to “Matching Phones

  1. says:

    hope matching phones can lead to matching thoughts !

  2. as long as you aren’t wearing matching outfits…you know, the matching windbreakers, fanny packs and walking shoes 😉

    • LMAO! It’s funny that you say that. We do have matching shirts/pants that we wear sometimes when we skate together… Is that bad?

      • skating is different than every day 😉

        I work with a gal that’s years younger than me and she dresses herself, her man and their dog (yes, their dog) in the same outfits. Every. damn. day. How do I know, because they post their outfits on instagram and their respective fb pages. At first I thought it was cute until I realized it’s every day. I’m being overly harsh, it’s quirky and she is sweet and very much in love.

        • I don’t think you’re being overly harsh, but it is something amusing to think on. Do people make fun of them?

          • yes and no. yes-because there are just people that kind of people out there. does that make sense? there’s been a couple of times when she’s asked me directly for an opinion about a particular outfit and i’m truthful without being mean.
            no-most of us have worked with her, have met him and their dog and see it’s just how they are. i’ll admit that as a mom of a special needs kid, I sometimes wonder if she or he or both might be similar. high functioning, brilliant if not quirky 😉

          • Just eccentric.
            I totally understand 🙂 people could say that about me and my skating…

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