Trying Something a Little Different

Trying Something a Little Different

credit: Lessa’s Memories


I bared myself in front of him, all except for my panties

At first I wanted it to be all about him

If my panties were on, I was less tempted to jump on top of him too soon

I kneeled before him and unbuckled his jeans

Sucked him off as he stood, half-clothed, in front of me

His hands tangled in my hair

Freeing my face

His dick was so fucking hard!

I looked up at him and told him how much I love to suck him

How much I enjoy tasting him. The saltiness

How his dick always makes me so wet

I looked up at him several times with my “Charlotte Eyes”

He calls them that because they remind him of Charlotte’s eyes in the Charlotte’s Web cartoon movie

He wouldn’t cum for me that way, though

He made me get up. He said he wanted to be inside of me and feel me inside

So, I got up and he started kissing me right away

Usually, after I blow him, he doesn’t like to kiss me right away, but it was like he HAD to this time

He finished kissing me (it was an awesome 2 minutes or so)

And I looked at him with my Charlotte Eyes again

I told him I wanted him to spank me

And mean it

Then I leaned over onto the bed and he took me from behind

He smacked me 6 really good times. Like he meant it!

But I had him so hot from the blow job that he couldn’t concentrate on the smacking and just fucked me

Almost as hard as I wanted

And it was good

We were in a room with two double beds and he was in the middle; I was leaned over one of the beds.

He came HARD! So hard that he pulled my body up to his

My back was to his chest

So we were standing between the two beds

While he was cumming, he pulled me on top of him and fell onto his back on the opposite bed

But, he didn’t cum inside me

He pulled out and I held his cock in my hand while he came

While I was laying on top of him, on my back, I stroked him through his entire orgasm

And he moaned in pleasure

He was still hard afterward so I turned over and mounted him

Girl on top

Then boy on top

Upside down and sideways

He talked dirty to me the whole time

He usually does, but not so much

“Cum again, baby. ” “You gonna cum on that dick again?”

Maybe he was more vocal this time because I was

It was my turn to cum hard

All over him

Again and again and again

I kept telling him how much I love how he feels inside and how completely he fills me

I was moaning. It’s unbelievable the way he makes me feel

We woke up in the morning and had another complete round

After it was over and we were basking in the after-glow, I asked him

“Does your dick feel better in my mouth or in my pussy?”

(I have never asked him a question like that)

He said, “Baby, your mouth and your pussy feel so good that if you don’t get up right now and go into the shower, you are going to be very late for work.”

“But which one feels better?” I persisted

“They both feel so good, baby. I can’t pick one. Your mouth feels so awesome in a totally different way than your pussy.”

I loved his response


4 thoughts on “Trying Something a Little Different

  1. I’m always curious (lovers past and present) what feels best to them, if they could rank them, the types of orgasms that feel good, better, best.

    Good post!

    Twitter: @Exit4A

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I agree with your comment: I am also very curious about what feels best for my lover. But I am sure it differs with the person and the day — I know it does for me…

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