Would You Respond?

Would You Respond?

If your girlfriend/mistress sent you this message would you respond?

I wish you were here because I miss you and Vanilla misses Coconut and we want to give you huge and sexy kisses all night long! My body wants to feel yours…

Or would you just leave her hanging?



11 thoughts on “Would You Respond?

  1. once, about a year ago I had reblogged the same quote on my tumblr tagged “words that resonate” . it was more reflective than to him directly but he sent me a mail straight away because he follows my tumblr…i didn’t expect it but it did force me to fess up about emotions and feelings that had been playing about my mind but didn’t talk about because I didn’t want to face the truth if the truth was what I was afraid of, if that makes sense. {hugs}

    1. I think I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t know how to respond. Every time I tell Loverman that sometimes I think he ‘just isn’t that into me’, he tells me that he really is and says, “if you only knew how much I think of you.”

      Every time he tells me that I say, “I can’t know if you don’t tell me. That’s why I feel the way I do.” I am sick of the conversation.

      It hurts my feelings so much. It feels so much like he’s blowing me off. Every time he shows me that I mean something to him, he cancels it out almost immediately.

      Thank you ❤

      1. I used to have the same conversation with my MM. When I brought it up he would reassure me that he thought about me every day..yet he could easily go over a week without Initiating contact. If I sent him a message that I missed him, or sent a dirty message he would always respond immediately. In the end it came down to me needing more than he could truly offer, whether he thought of me everyday or not. I began to realize that it shouldn’t be so hard and ultimately I felt used. Hopefully your Loverman will realize what he has and acts accordingly. And for Petes sake be needs to respond to that text immediately!

  2. From a man’s perspective, a much hated man’s perspective, I would. Right now for two reasons – I am feeling no love, affection or emotion. So, that message would make me respond within a heartbeat, literally. The other reason is just knowing she felt that way would conjure up MY feelings about her… thus making me respond. 🙂

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