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How Mr. Mystery Ended It

on September 20, 2014

I am a little perturbed that you didn’t tell me you were in an exclusive relationship

Until I started getting attached and having hope

I know you have no control over when and how I feel things, but you should know

that i am having them and feeling them

Hmmm. Yes I see the problem. I probably could have handled it better

Or maybe *I* should have. I am very naive

when it comes to men

And this “exclusivity” is also rather recent

It’s really none of my business
If it was, I think you may have already told me

I’m sorry this has hurt you. We best nip things in the bud so we can hopefully not create any more

Sure, … … …
I trust you.
I am sorry

It is I who am, sorry. I will delete everything right now

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That is the end and the last I have heard from him.

“I probably could have handled it better…”

Yeah? No shit, Sherlock!

2 responses to “How Mr. Mystery Ended It

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    His line “I probably could’ve handled it better” is a weak one, and you’re right to end the post with your retort. He could’ve given a firmer apology than that. And, like I wrote in my comment to your previous post, I hope he backs up his statement about deleting all the files you sent him.

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