I Updated My Resume

I Updated My Resume

Whenever I get hella-frustrated at work (and this September was one of the most frustrating work months I have had in a long time *sigh*) I log onto all the career websites where  my resume is housed and I update the hell out of it.

Most of the time it’s just the typical staffing companies trying to get me into their database. They never want to talk to me about a job I actually applied for and, always when I tell them my salary requirements, they lose interest in me quickly. You see, I am a Staff Accountant with no continuing education. I have been in multiple accounting positions over the last 15+ years and a couple of them have also been Staff Accountant positions, but that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to actually hiring me and paying me.

Most of the time I don’t call the staffing companies back (Robert Half and Accountemps, etc), but VOLT and Creative Financial Staffing have both been very good to me so I am willing to give them a chance, sometimes, like when I’m in a pinch.

But I’m not in a pinch right now. Just feeling a bit passive-aggressive and it was cathartic to update my resume. And I was even rewarded with a couple of calls yesterday, but I didn’t call them back because they were temp-to-hire agencies and I already have a job. I will only leave my current job for something definite (or if I am fired :0 )

The email below was waiting for me this morning and I think I will be calling this Staffing Manager back because of what she said and how simply she said it:



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