PSA – October 2014 Mercury Retrograde

PSA – October 2014 Mercury Retrograde

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Public Service Announcement to all my Virgo friends out there

Mercury is in Retrograde for 3 weeks: retrograde began Saturday, October 4th and will go direct again on October 25th

I found this article at which helps explain the cycle, how long Retrograde lasts and its effects on people.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

The Path of Mercury in the Sky

Mercury Retrograde is a period of time when Mercury appears to be going backwards against the sky. We observe this about four times a year, as mercury races past the part of its orbit that is closer to the earth and begins to travel on to the further side of the sun, and from our perspective, during that time, moves in the opposite direction as the earth. By line of sight against the sky it seems to move forward, then backwards, then forward again as it returns to pass the earth again.

The Experience of Mercury Retrograde

Most of the Phenomena that people experience and attribute to Mercury Retrograde deals with delays, difficulties and challenges in the areas that Mercury rules, which include: communication, details, local transportation, information, the media, computers, awareness, reality checking, documents, work load and the scheduling, execution and completion of tasks

How Long Does Mercury Retrograde Last?

The actual Mercury Retrograde itself, as Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky, lasts about 3 weeks. However, the Pre-Shadow and Post-Shadow periods (discussed later in this article) extend the experiences of this phenomena, and should not be ignored. The shadow periods last about 2 weeks each. The whole Mercury Retrograde process, including the shadows lasts about 5 weeks. 

The First Mercury Retrograde Station is October 4th:

The Right Attitude During the First Mercury Retrograde Station

This is a good time to have the attitude of checking and rechecking important matters or decisions and making sure others do the same. It is not uncommon for people involved with communication to experience the first station as a short period of time when the work load appears to be diminishing or quieting down, but the effect is much like the way the water recedes before a tsunami, and may catch people off guard, as the wave of Mercury Retrograde Proper often comes in with more than the expected work or challenges.

Mercury then travels through the Retrograde phase (aka Retrograde Proper): October 5th through October 24th.

The Right Attitude While Mercury is Actually Going Retrograde

As a rule of thumb, about a third of the people will feel a particular Mercury retrograde. It especially effects those involved more directly with communication, computers and education. Often the work load may increase, or the number of deadlines.

The best attitude during this time is to check and to check again, an not to make assumptions without testing. It is also wise to recheck what others do and to recheck schedules, understandings, commitments and appointments. Documents written at these times are at risk of errors of commission and omission. On the other hand, it is actually a good time to finish older, undone tasks, or for personal writing, contemplation and inner work.

The Second Mercury Retrograde Station is October 25th:

The effect of the Mercury Retrograde Proper re-strengthens as Mercury slows down before it goes direct again. It then becomes ‘stationary’ and is about to move forwards. Often, the time when Mercury is stationary or slowed down coincides with a peaking in the Mercury retrograde phenomena… … …If the first station was like the quiet before the storm or the receding of the water before the tsunami, the second station can be like the moment the debris field is about to be revealed. Errors made during the rush of Mercury Retrograde Proper may begin to come to light.  

Mercury Retrograde is Really About Not Being Centered

At its core, the experiences of mercury retrograde are the consequences of actions that occur when we are disconnected from our core and center. It is then that we act from  our tunnel vision, from assumptions without checking or being aware.

Although we can not do much for the actions of others, we can certainly do our own part for ourselves. If you seek to do this I recommend  a book that illumines the practical path to do just that: Miami Astrologer Roman Oleh YaworskyBeing Centered.

How does that affect me? A Virgo?

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Since Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, you sign might be especially affected by this celestial bait-and-switch. Mercury retrograde can make communication, travel and technology go haywire, so take precautions. As the month begins, back up your devices and data in preparation of this tricky cycle, since Mercury retrograde is notorious for computer crashes and lost electronic files. Watch what you put in writing, too, and if you have contracts to sign, do so before the 4th if at all possible. Most astrologers advise against inking deals during Mercury retrograde, since you’re liable to miss key details.
Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio, your communication house, from October 4-10, multiplying the odds of misunderstandings with friends and colleagues. Triple-check before you hit “reply all” with a snarky comment about your boss or send off that typo-ridden proposal, Virgo! From October 10-25, Mercury dips back into Libra, your work and finance house, which could create a bit of money mayhem or crossed wires on the job. Watch for irritating clashes with clients and coworkers, and back up all your data if you’re working on a big project. During Mercury retrograde, there’s a danger of files being overwritten or lost in transit, so be sure to confirm receipt of anything you send electronically, too.


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  1. Doesn’t just apply to Virgos, does it? I’m Aquarius and I’m most definitely affected by MIR. Good thing this is the last episode of MIR for the rest of this year!

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