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Sweet, Sweet Hook-Up

on October 10, 2014

It’s not what you think 😉wispy_smoke

After work tonight I get to go over to my Caregiver’s house (aka: drug dealer or pharmacy) and pick up my “stash” for the month!

But I have totally mixed feelings about it.

Good = I really, really like her company and I love the cannabis she grows.

Bad = her daughter is the Off-the-Chain-Crazy-Girl that I work with.

I am totally excited to go because I am completely out of weed and have been experiencing a higher-than-normal anxiety level for the last month or so (which is why I am out of weed) and she told me that she had a great harvest!

I am totally worried to go because I have no idea what her daughter has told her about what’s been happening at work (not that it should matter anyway. I was my Caregiver’s friend before I worked with her daughter, but I know how mother/daughter relationships can be).

Oh, well. Whatever happens, happens. I can only hope that her daughter isn’t actually over there when I am.

I like her son though…


Happy Friday!

One response to “Sweet, Sweet Hook-Up

  1. […] trip to my Caregiver last Friday night went much worse than I expected. […]

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