Monday Motivation: Paying It Forward

Monday Motivation: Paying It Forward

This morning, on my way home from dropping my daughters off at school, there was a dog on a leash running down the busy street by our apartment. I almost didn’t pull over, but I did at the last minute (thank you Tia Torres of Pit Bulls & Parolees and Villalobos Dog Rescue for motivating me!).

After a little coaxing, the little dog (she looked like a Jack Russel and a Corgi, kind of that size and shape) came to me and I quickly grabbed her leash. She was startled for a second, I could see it in her eyes, but I talked to her gently and she came to me and I was able to pet her.

I was talking to the doggie the entire time I was with her and I walked her towards the building a little way up the hill. I had seen a woman there with another dog and I hoped this one was hers and had just gotten away.

It turns out that both dogs had gotten away when this one’s leash handle had broken. The woman was able to rescue one, but the one with me was too fast for her.

The woman asked me how I got her dog to come to her, she doesn’t like strangers.

I replied, “Well, she liked me just fine. I must have been the perfect amount of strangeness.”

We laughed together while she thanked me profusely and I handed over the dog. It was such a cute doggie, I continued petting her a little longer.

I said “good bye, have a nice day.” She thanked me and said the same.

It feels so good. It warmed my heart so much. I was so glad to be able to help someone. Even if it was only a tiny bit ❀

Please, take today and Pay It Forward.
Image Credit: All Things Learning

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Paying It Forward

  1. A wonderful thing that you did, and great that you’re encouraging others! Last week, I was in line at the grocery store and the guy ahead of me was talking with the cashier and forgot where he put his wallet. He was frantically looking for it, and I pointed out that he simply laid it down. He was grateful — and I know it’s a scary thing when you’ve lost your wallet!

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