Watercolor Hearts

Watercolor Hearts


It’s like we were painting watercolor hearts together and he took his charcoal pencil and scribbled mine out.


7 thoughts on “Watercolor Hearts

          1. I totally understand! But in a way you are keeping him tethered to you by having him as your mechanic. If he died he would not be able to be your mechanic… as long as he is in your life in any way you will not belong to another… just sayin young lady.

          2. I know all of that…
            The more I have to talk to him, the less I actually want to. He annoys the hell out of me every time now; we don’t connect in the same ways we used to; talking to him is downright uncomfortable. He’ still not taking care of himself. It’s hard for me to hold my tongue and not say hurtful things.

            Mr. X are trying to figure out how I can best deal with this loss…

          3. That’s easy, stop communication… just like a bad marriage. You wouldn’t want to keep in touch with someone like that. (You don’t have to talk to him). I know it might be hard for you, but that last night on your trip said it all. He’s moved on.

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