This Man Is One of the Reasons I Don’t Like Cancers

This Man Is One of the Reasons I Don’t Like Cancers

(…along with Doom-n-Gloom and an ex-roommate who tried to run me over with my own car…)

I mentioned this gentleman (the Cancer) in a previous post. I thought I wouldn’t be sharing more of him with you, but apparently I am 😉

The last three text conversations with him went as follows (keep in mind that this man is in his 40s – at least that’s what he told me):
He is Red and I am Blue.


I have a feeling he was going to “Hey” me all night until I answered

He didn’t respond after that…

Until two days later when he started this convo:


Again, no response…

Then, Tuesday morning at 9:19, he called me. I let it go to voicemail and didn’t respond until 2:15PM with the following text message/s:


Third time, no response…

I kind of wanted to almost give him a chance, but he is super shitty at conversating – even the one time we actually spoke on the phone.

Why does he keep calling me and texting me? Does he think I will forget the last time?


6 thoughts on “This Man Is One of the Reasons I Don’t Like Cancers

  1. Girl you meet some comical men… are they all skaters? I don’t know why he’s even texting you. Where does he expect you to say, that you want his body and shit… Well Cancer is one of my mates, but I have never been with one.

    1. Skating is a little like “clubbing” I guess – at least for ‘skater folk’. It’s hard to find a kindred spirit to cope with our skating addiction in the ‘real world’ 😉 and it seems like all the good skaters are looking for a partner. As for meeting skater men, it’s the only other place I go besides work and errands…

      Lots of times girls go there to hook up with cute guys (I don’t, but it’s fun to watch them). Sometimes there can be serious drama… I think the guys are interested in me because I’m not there to try and hook up. I just skate. It’s strange because at the end of the night, I am all sweaty and they’re trying to get my number. It’s extremely flattering! But I kind of miss Loserman because, when he was around, no one ‘bothered’ me.

      If there’s a rink around you and they have an adult night, it’s fun to go just to watch the different people. There’s the skater crowd, but then there are all the funny white people (I am white and they embarrass the fuck out of me!!!) who think they need to get drunk and dress like the cast of Xanadu for their friend’s b-day party. And the derby girls speeding all over the place not watching out for other people! And the ‘regular’ people trying to fit in.

      It’s a great time!

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