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Giving Head

on January 28, 2015

I enjoy sucking cock. Given that it is clean and well-trimmed, etc… (irrelevantly, Loserman’s was practically perfect).

Mr. X’s is quite lovely. I would like to have sucked it and kissed it and worshipped it all night long if he would let me.

But Mr. X is the first man who told me that I don’t do it ‘right’ (I haven’t sucked that many dicks, though…)

This is a really big deal to me because it is something I actually enjoy doing. (Hence the reason I am still obsessing about this weeks later.) I have read about it and watched videos and practiced…

I like to be slow and methodical… I use my hands and my mouth… I suck his balls and fondle pretty much everything…

I have dentures so, when my teeth are in, I’m afraid that I will hurt a man.

Plus, everything I have read/heard says “NO BITING!”

Then I watched a NSFW video that Mr. X sent me. It is a ‘training video’ on how to give a perfect blow job.

OMG! I can’t do that!!! Maybe a couple of those things…

I guess if Mr. X was expecting that, he should have been disappointed with me… *shrug*

But it makes me wonder: was I ever even good, or were they just waiting for me to get it over with?

I kind of wish I could ask Loserman. I was never able to make him cum with my mouth. Is it because I wasn’t doing it ‘right’?


It’s incredible how one small, relatively insignificant, criticism can cause me so much self-doubt.

12 responses to “Giving Head

  1. oceanswater says:

    Well I think it’s difficult to make many men cum with just your mouth, unless you spent the day doing it. But J loves me doing it. I suck and lick and play with his cock for a while, then he wants to fuck me. Hell I don’t always get off with them sucking my clit or eating my pussy either, but that doesn’t mean any thing is wrong… I would move past Mr Xs remark and keep moving forward. There’s probably a whole lot of reasons why he was not pleased, that had nothing to do with the way you sucked his damn cock. And I think most men want your teeth in when you are sucking them… I think that would be a turnoff to most men to have a woman without teen sucking his dick. But that’s just my opinion… hope you get some more…

    • OMG!!! Thank you for taking the time to say all that! It was awesome. I guess I will have to be content in thinking they will tell me if they don’t like it, right?

      Once I asked Loserman if he thought it felt better with or without my teeth – he said he likes it both ways, but it feels totally different. As for keeping them in, they are in most of the time except mornings and that’s one of my favorite times to go down on my man.

      Scorpio has been loving my blow jobs! His positive reinforcement is very ‘uplifting’ 😉

  2. johnnyid says:

    I think the problem here isn’t with your technique, it’s how he responded. There is no right way or wrong way, but that isn’t to say we can’t all improve. And everyone is different, different preferences, etc. I’ve been with partners who weren’t that great at giving head, it’s not something that just comes “naturally” it takes practice and guidance, but all of those partners were more than happy to take my suggestions and go with them.

    Had he said “I like XYZ but could you try ABC next time?” then it probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal. He didn’t, so it seems to me that he’s in the wrong here.

    • Awww… Thanks, Johnny! I know it’s about preference and practice, totally! 🙂

      He did tell me what he wanted when he sent me the video that I linked to:
      – #2, #4 and #5 (but I don’t have to make so much noise as her 😉 )
      After that, we could try more… I just haven’t had the chance to try anything on him because he’s been gone and unavailable.

  3. blondevampire says:

    My Daddy says he is going to train me where I can get the whole thing in my mouth. I agree with ocean!

  4. 18mitzvot says:

    A good partner helps you to touch them in the best possible ways. They share with you what they like and they move your hands to help you understand. Any person who says, “You’re doing it wrong.” has just outed themselves as someone who has little experience and is immature. Nevermind the blowjob because you cannot progress to supersex with an immature partner. After all, sexy skills are learned. Nobody comes out of the womb knowing automatically the best techniques. It is more important to be with a lover who makes you feel safe enough to try new technologies.

    • Agreed, and I never realized that it could have been inexperience that led his words. He just didn’t know better. I know I am probably making excuses for him, but his intent wasn’t to hurt it was to guide and help me know. Since this instance, we have spoken about it. And, as for immature, he is almost 12 years my junior 😉

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