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Friday’s Text Conversation With Loserman

on February 2, 2015


(In case you don’t follow my blog and/or know what’s going on 😉 , you can read this post and this post to help get you get up to speed.)

I should first preface with this because I didn’t address it here last week…

A week ago Sunday (1/25) Loserman came over to work a little more on Bear and take out parts to see exactly what needed to be ordered. That conversation went badly because he wanted to go over and rehash old shit yet again. He is just going to have to agree to disagree on that note and stop blaming me for something over which he had complete control.

Right now I am trying to focus on getting Bear fixed. If Loserman wants to beat the dead horse that he left back in Kansas City last November, we can do that after he’s done getting his fucking work done on my truck.

That being said… Last week Loserman “rescued” 3 other people with car problems, fixed their problems completely and sent them off on their merry way when he was done. (Loserman is not a mechanic by trade, he’s a security guard. He does favors for people on the side, when he can.)

I know this because he posted it all on Facebook.

LosermanFB1Yes, Loserman could have done the work and it would have been done right. However, his Over Night Lead Officer would have had to wait interminably long to have it completed.

LosermanFB2He towed and fixed a friend’s car in addition to the co-worker’s.
He’s always posting shit like this. Is he a teenage girl? His ‘friends’/family used to make comments and “like” these status updates, but less and less people have been.
He’s a 45-year-old man…

He must’ve posted this next update because only one person commented on the others.


Good for you, mother-fucker! You’re great at what you do… When you decide to fucking DO it!

I wanted to respond, “Hopefully he’ll call a mechanic. You’ll take 3 years to fix his shit and he’ll have to buy a different car in the interim.”

But I didn’t.

Funny thing is, that ‘mother-fucker’ was supposed to be working on MY truck last week: moving it so it doesn’t get towed, and telling me what parts he needs me to order. He promised that he would stay in communication with me.

I didn’t hear jack shit from him all week.

I’m not surprised.

I’m disappointed.

And absolutely infuriated! He is on my very last nerve and I just want to get my fucking truck fixed so we can be done with all this bullshit.

It’s like we’re in the middle of an ugly divorce and poor Bear is caught in the middle.

I wanted to know what his plans are to get my truck fixed, and he wasn’t posting updates about *MY* shit on Facebook, so I sent this text message to him last Thursday night:


He didn’t respond, so I sent the exact same message again about 12 hours later.


He responded within 20 minutes and we had the following conversation:




Again with that “according to you” shit!!!



“Not to cause any problems” huh?

“Make things better”?????? Yeah, all that “According to you” bullshit just now really made it seem like you’re trying to make things better!

Every fucking time I talk to **you** I have question marks on my head with WOW at the end (and then a whole bunch of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I just tried to be nice to him, thanking him, telling him he’s good at fixing shit. That’s when he starts to pick a fight?!?

But, here’s me, still trying to be nice. Trying to stay focused on the task at hand. Trying to keep him focused like I used to be able to.


No response after that.

No email.

Saturday came and went. No Loserman.

Big surprise, right?!

Then, around 11PM Saturday night it started snowing. The sky dumped 6 inches on us in 3 hours and Sunday morning was beautiful but there was no way Loserman would be moving my truck over the weekend.

Like he promised…

If he would just fucking do it, then it would be done and I wouldn’t have to be nagging him all the time.

I’m frustrated out of my brain about this!

I hate how he’s treating me. He’s basically castrated me of all my control of MY OWN STUFF!!!

He literally has half of my engine with him as well as my Haynes manual. So, even if I wanted to do it myself, or find and pay someone else to help me, I fucking CAN’T!!!

Every day it eats at my insides and makes me hate resent him more. I’m freaking out constantly that my beautiful Bear will get towed.

And he doesn’t care a fucking bit. Even after I told him that I am freaking out every day about it, and HE KNOWS, he just lets me freak out every day about it.

He just lets me freak out every day about it.

*sigh* This is how he shows me that he doesn’t care.

And he shows me




I remember “the olden days” when Loserman and I would have fun, sexy or productive conversations. When we would be able to get things done together and harmoniously.

I miss the olden days…


5 responses to “Friday’s Text Conversation With Loserman

  1. It makes me nuts reading his texts…can’t imagine being in the middle of them! Just get Bear fixed already! Geez!!

  2. […] haven’t heard a single word from (or of) Loserman since our text conversation 11 days […]

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