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No News Is NOT Good News (aka: More Sh*t About Promises)

on February 10, 2015

I haven’t heard a single word from (or of) Loserman since our text conversation 11 days ago.

He hasn’t posted any status updates on Facebook either.

And he definitely hasn’t sent me an email telling me what parts I need to order for him to fix my truck, Bear.

He hasn’t texted me or left me a voice-mail explaining what the fuck is going on!!

Of course not.

You know why?!?

Because the very last thing I asked him to do is COMMUNICATE with me!


Why is it so hard?

15 responses to “No News Is NOT Good News (aka: More Sh*t About Promises)

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    Oh man, eleven days is a long time. Have you sent him a text to see what’s up?

  2. oceanswater says:

    I would tell him to go fuck himself and get another “real” mechanic to fix my car. As long as you deal with people like this they are going to milk you dry, whether it be your emotions or your purse. I would tell him to keep the money, cause he isn’t giving it back anyway… Good luck to you

    • You are right! I want to tell him to fuck off. I know I will never see the money, but he actually has half of my engine in his possession and, until he gives it back, he is in complete control.

      • oceanswater says:

        No he isn’t, I would tell him either bring that part of my engine or face small claims court. Send him an email…

        • smittenwithhim says:

          You are so much more badass than I am! However, that thought did cross my mind last night during my drive home…

          • oceanswater says:

            I just don’t take shit from no one, plain and simple. Many times just the threat get them moving and sometimes I have taken them to court. Always winning…

          • 5 years ago when he was ignoring me for 6 months (and he was supposed to be fixing Breezy), I called his wife’s job to leave her a message to tell Loserman I was going to call the cops and report he had stolen my car if he didn’t start returning my calls and tell me WTF was going on. He called me that afternoon.

            It takes me a while, but I can get there…
            I am almost there. *sigh*

          • oceanswater says:

            Good for you!

          • Also, you can’t get blood from a stone… If I took him to court and won, that’s all it would be: a win. He still wouldn’t be able to pay me back.

          • oceanswater says:

            It would be to get your parts back.

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