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Sk8cation: Friday

on February 19, 2015

Scorpio called me late Thursday evening to discuss the details of our Sk8cation.

During our chat, he actually suggested that we leave a little earlier than 6AM like I was planning! It surprised the hell out of me, but I was all over it.

Then, when I got to his house to pick him up at 5:30 Friday morning, he was actually ready!!! This also surprised the hell out of me because all the other times I have gone to pick him up, he has been running at least 30 minutes behind.

We made it out of Denver before the serious morning traffic set in and started our drive over the mountains.

Almost 2 hours after we left, Scorpio mentioned the fact that he had only managed to save enough for the 2 skating sessions ($18 each night) and $5 for food. Could I take care of “the rest” for him and he’d pay me back later?

WTF??? ??? ???

You should have seen the look on my face when he shared this little tidbit with me! All I could think was: “Sure, Loserman! Of course. I’d be happy to pay for everything!”

He knew about this trip for over 2 months!!

In fact, he inserted himself into my plan and invited himself along. I just went along with it because it seemed like a nice idea to have someone to share the driving and the expenses and possibly my bed.

Oooooh! I was so fucking pissed, but there was nothing I could do because we were on a timeline and already far enough out of the city that I couldn’t have just turned around and brought him back. I was already going to be driving for 14 hours! Now that I think about it, I guess I could have just stopped right there and let him out in the middle of the highway and told him to take his 50 fucking dollars and find a ride back home – but, even though I can be a bitch, I didn’t do that. (even though, now that it’s over, I kind of wish I had…)

On that first day we were together (just the first day, mind you), I spent almost $50 purchasing his food; I had not budgeted for that! I brought enough money to feed me and only me for 3 days – WAY less than $50 – AND I also packed food to bring along; he didn’t even eat breakfast before we left!! *sigh* He was ordering food like it was his own money he was spending (and I am sure I won’t see a penny of it returned to me, but you can trust me that I will be bothering him regularly for it! Like right now. Just a sec…)


Even for all that, the drive was pretty fun. I really didn’t want to have a shitty trip. So, although it wasn’t turning out like I had hoped, I tried to ‘roll with it’.

We had a quickie in the car at a parking lot in Grand Junction.

After that we established “ground rules” for our time together in Phoenix. For example, neither one of us would be trying to hook up with other people while we were on this vacation together: no socks on the door, we’d be coming back to the room together every night, etc… You know, that kind of stuff.

And we had a great laugh while driving through Utah. I missed an exit immediately after joking that we needed to keep an eye out or we would miss it!


Every time we stopped, it took like an hour. Every single fucking time. Scorpio had to talk and have conversations with every person we saw each time we were out of the vehicle. All three times we stopped for food, it took over 30 minutes to get him back to the car. We were supposed to be going to the bathroom and he was supposed to be ordering his food to eat on the road.

Image result for impatient

Because of all the fiddle-farting around, we didn’t make it to the hotel until almost midnight. The 15-hour drive took us 18!!

At that point neither of us had the energy or wherewithal to go to the Party *sigh* I was disappointed, but it wasn’t earth-shattering.

We had our own mini-party in our room. I put on my red dress and some make-up for Scorpio’s appreciation.

He appreciated my dress and the blow job very much!

Then, he asked me if I could take a shower because I was kind of gross after spending so much time in the car. And that’s really how he said it (I seriously can’t make this shit up)! He didn’t even offer to help me take that shower or anything, just told me that I needed to and he would fuck the hell out of me when I was all fresh and clean (it turns out he’s more OCD than he had been letting on – or a great manipulator, I’m still trying to figure that part out).

That was extremely off-putting to say the least, but I went and took a shower as directed (even though I had lost any kind of mood for a good fucking at this point). While I was in there, I cried my eyes out. I sobbed. I was so angry and frustrated! Even if I had brought Loserman with me, it would have gone better than this!!

That shower lasted at least 40 minutes and, when I got through, Scorpio was fast asleep. What a relief! I put on my night-shirt, changed the TV channel and went out on the deck to smoke a nice fat bowl (or four). After I was good and stoned, I went to bed and slept on the very edge of the mattress hoping he wouldn’t wake up or roll over and try to cuddle me.

He didn’t…

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