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Sk8cation: Saturday Morning

on February 20, 2015

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I got my mother-fucking period.


And on my Sk8cation, too!!

That is officially 3 ‘cycles’ in as many weeks.

Before we left I figured I should be safe for a few days, right? Even a few weeks?

Fuck this change-of-life shit!

It actually started at the end of our drive Friday night, but I was hoping it was a fluke and only mild spotting (just like I thought the prior week right before I got period #2).

Nope. It wasn’t spotting. Saturday morning I woke up with another full-blown menstrual period!

I needed to go out and pick up some feminine hygiene products. *sigh* Of course I didn’t bring any…

I was dressed to leave and find the nearest Walgreen’s and Starbucks and, while I was writing him a note, Scorpio woke up and asked, “You’re up and dressed already?” I had to tell him what the fuck was going on. Briefly anyway.

Then I mentioned that I was going to try and find some coffee.

I was incensed that this guy was so presumptuous to ask for an expensive Starbucks coffee as well as one of their Panini breakfast sandwiches: I don’t like spending $16 for breakfast, even when I’m on vacation (especially when it’s not even for me! *I* had the forethought to pack shit to eat!).

No matter, right?… I was trying to have a good time!

He went back to sleep while I drove to the store to get tampons, coffee and his breakfast.

I got back about an hour later and, as he finished eating, one of Scorpio’s “girlfriends” called. No biggie. I went out on the deck to give him some privacy and smoke another morning bowl in the lovely sunshine!

While I was outside on the deck letting him have that privacy, they were sex-talking and he was masturbating!

You know how I know this??

Because, when I went back into the room 15 minutes later, that’s what was happening in my bed! I saw it with my eyes and heard it with my ears.

Ummm… Awkward much?

What an asshole!

So, I turned around and went back outside to get more stoned while they finished up their ‘business’ *sigh*

This time I waited another 30 minutes (I know because I watched the minutes tick by on my phone) before I came back into our room and he was still talking to this girl (or a different one. I don’t fucking know…)! But, at least he was done with the phone sex antics.

He talked for another 30 minutes or so while I sat in our room watching TV, starting to write this post, etc…

After they finished, I was finally able to broach the subject of my period so we could have that awkward discussion about having sex while I was on the rag (because I was really feeling like fucking him at this point, right?!).

He told me that it was too bad I didn’t bring my dildo (I can’t make this shit up, people!) and said that we couldn’t be having sex now because he was afraid of catching a disease. You know, all of the blood and if he had any sores or open scratches… OCD as hell, man! But I tried to understand and respect it.

So, no sex again this sk8-venture weekend!


Or wait, NO FUCK!!!!!

Aside #1: during our drive Friday, I found out that Scorpio is a Jehovah’s Witness. Just thought I’d put it out there…

Aside #2: the entire weekend I took comfort in a very nice hickey Mr. X planted on my neck during our time together Thursday afternoon.

5 responses to “Sk8cation: Saturday Morning

  1. sassygirl40 says:

    Oh please tell me Scorpio is now out of the picture all together….please!!! He sounds horrible!!

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