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Sk8cation: The Rest of Saturday

on February 21, 2015

Read about Friday here

After our wonderfully awkward morning together, Scorpio needed to take a shower (ya think!?). But it wasn’t only because of his little phone sex episode in the bed earlier, it was also the fact that he has to be as germ-free as possible at all times and he had just spent and entire night sleeping across a king-sized bed from my filthy ass. (Can you feel the sarcasm oozing here?) We were going to a free picnic in the park that afternoon and he needed to look his best.

To be honest, I don’t remember what I did while he was taking forever to get ready. It didn’t bug me for the first half of the vacation, but he just takes so long to do everything. I was probably out on the deck again getting high. That’s probably why I don’t remember.

Anyway… The picnic was pretty freaking awesome!!

The weather was gorgeous! The people were friendly! There were skaters from Sacramento and Detroit and Chicago and even West Virginia! And, of course Arizona!

Scorpio found a chess board at the beginning so we sat down and started playing a game together, thinking that it would be a conversation starter. It was *and* I ended up beating him. But, my next game against someone else was very bad. Then the food was ready to eat and everyone was distracted. Whew! I saved a tiny bit of face 😉

There’s really not much to write about except that it was a picnic on a beautiful day with good music and good company. Near the end, I started to get “people overload” so I went out to the car while Scorpio was out back smoking a blunt with some guys he met from Chicago. Not surprisingly, that took him forever — 40 minutes. When he was done smoking with them, he didn’t know that I had gone back to the car – I had no way of telling him. He shouldn’t have been surprised anyway, he left me alone after promising not to, in a group of strangers.

Here I was, trying to accommodate all his OCD shit the entire time and he’s ignoring my needs completely! Even when I told him exactly what I needed from him. (It wasn’t even sex. Jeesh!)

I let him stand there looking around for a couple of minutes before I got out of the car and walked over to get him.

As I approached him, he scolded me for wandering off and not telling him!

Unbelievable!! When he walked away to smoke up with his new buddies, he didn’t demand that I “Stay!” or anything like that.

I got uncomfortable and needed to be alone in a comfortable place (aka: my car). I get that way A LOT! We talked about that on our drive – how I am uncomfortable in groups of strangers when I’m not on my roller skates and how I would need him to try and stay where I knew he was.

On the short ride back to the hotel, we talked about it very briefly. He agreed not to leave me alone for a long time again. Then we established that a “long time” was over 15 minutes. Then, even if he saw me talking to someone, he was supposed to check on me anyway (I kind of figured this was a reasonable request, being a woman alone in strange places the entire time…)

We returned to our room around 5PM and talked about the picnic and other stuff for a while. During that time, I got a text from Sexy Skaterman saying that he and my friend, Amy, were on their way and should make it just in time for skating!

Oh my god! They had been talking about coming, but Amy keeps breaking up with Skaterman then getting back together with him again, so no one really knew what was going to happen until it actually did. I was SO excited to find out that it wasn’t going to be just Scorpio and me alone together the entire time!

Scorpio hopped in the shower again.

I sent a text message to Mr. X:

Hey, sweetie. Its going okay. I can’t wait for the skating part to start tonight. We didn’t make it to the rooftop party. And I got my period *again. I miss you an epic shit ton! Kisses and sexy stuff…

That “epic shit ton” part? More true than I knew it could be!

He actually responded right away (I still don’t understand the ‘safe’ comment he made, but no biggie. I’ll try to remember and ask him the next time we talk):

Oh man. That doesn’t sound good, but I know you will be safe. I know skating will be good, so have fun with that. Ttyl

Then I tried to take a nap on the couch (I didn’t take a shower before I laid down, and Scorpio didn’t want me to get my dirty sweaty body all over the clean bed).

Scorpio hopped out of the shower. As he was ironing his blue jeans and t-shirt, he was flipping through the channels on the TV looking for something to watch (I’m fucking trying to sleep and he’s click-click-clicking away at the channels! Stopping long enough for me to get used to one before changing it again. Argh! Mr. X shares my feelings on this 😉 ) as well as singing along to the songs playing on his I-pod!

What an asshole! Hello!? I’m right here on the fucking couch trying to sleep! It’s a hotel room, mother-fucker and I’m paying for it; it’s not like I’ll be going somewhere else, nor do I want to…

Then I received a text from Loserman wishing me a Happy Valentines Day!

Fuck! Am I actually in some sick dimension of hell that’s masquerading as real life?!? What the fuckity-fuck is going on?

I didn’t respond to him, but I did draft something on my phone. It goes like this:

Are you fucking kidding me!?!?! Yeah, you too, mother-fucker!! Have fun with your best friend’s wife tonight, asshole. And, by the way, it surprised the hell out of me that a sk8cation can actually suck worse than the last one. Even without you here!

Nice, right? Real mature. But I didn’t send it. (The wife comment is just something I put in my head to help me hate him more – I’m 75% sure it isn’t true.) He also posted on my Facebook page, but I didn’t see that until Tuesday. *sigh*

At almost midnight Amy called me to tell me they had just arrived at their hotel and were going to clean up really quick and come to the skating rink.

And Skaterman forgot his roller skates!!!

Over and over and over again through the weekend all of us had good laughs about it. But, in truth, it was really sad because he is an excellent skater and rental skates just plain suck when you’re an advanced skater like he is.

As soon as I walked into the rink, I saw a skate friend of mine from Denver (let’s call her Maya)!!! It was another awesome surprise!

It was INSANE that, for all the people already there, Maya walked around the corner at the exact time we came through the door. She ran over and gave me a surprisingly gigantic hug (probably relief that we were there, and who we were – people with no skate drama). I told her that Skaterman and Amy were coming and then we all wandered off to put on our skates.

Amy and Skaterman got to the rink a little after 1AM. I was surprised how quickly they got there, but Amy is very energetic and excited so I’m sure she motivated the hell out of Skaterman to get going… (that and Skaterman probably isn’t OCD as hell with ironing everything he’s going to get all sweaty in!)

Skating Saturday night was no less than totally awesome! I didn’t expect anything different really. You know roller skating is my second-most favorite thing to do (soon to become #1, I’m afraid 😉 )! But, having the 3 extra people there to help represent Denver made it so much sweeter!

At one point, Skaterman asked if I wanted to go outside with him for some air. We were both sweating like racehorses so I joined him. I also wanted to talk to someone about Scorpio for a couple of minutes.

While I was venting to Skaterman about Scorpio spending all my money like I’m a money tree and having phone sex that morning with one of his girlfriends while I was sitting out on the deck, Scorpio came outside to join us (we didn’t invite him, he just showed up). We didn’t hear him until he was really close and had overheard mostly everything I said. What the fuck. I didn’t really care if he heard how I was feeling. It’s probably better he knew anyway.

Scorpio said “Hello” and asked Skaterman for a cigarette. He acted like he hadn’t heard anything I had said and we chatted about our drives – Skaterman and Amy went a different way than we did. After about 15 minutes, we all realized that Amy was still inside by herself and we kind of rushed back in to make sure everything was okay and she wasn’t totally pissed because we left her alone at her first skate party (ooops!!).

She was fine. She was skating with Maya.

The skate party went from 12:30AM till 4:30AM. We stayed the entire time and skated our asses off, showed off our moves and I didn’t even fall down.

Not even once.

Go me!

They don't actually have this t-shirt design, but they should!

They don’t actually have this t-shirt design, but they should!

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