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Sk8cation: Sunday

on February 22, 2015

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After Saturday’s skate party was over, our fellow Denver-ite skater friend, Maya, asked for a ride back to our hotel. She wanted to wait in the lobby for her ride back to town and I was happy to oblige. It was nice to have someone else to talk to after skating – someone who has been to one of these things before… The conversation was nice and I learned a lot about the Denver skate drama scene (one thing she told me made me very happy I hadn’t gone to a skate party the year before with a different girl. Whew!).

I had mentioned a few times near the end of the night that I wanted to take a bath – I could feel the soreness in my bones. So, we returned to the hotel and said “Good-bye” to Maya. I told Scorpio he could take the first shower – I didn’t want to get my dirtiness all over the shower before he had a chance to get clean (seriously, that’s how I said it). Also, I wanted to take my time lounging in the hot water. Maybe his germ-o-phobe ass would fall asleep before I crawled into bed like the night before.

He didn’t even suggest that we shower together, he just hopped in the shower and started…. We talked while he was cleaning off – he was telling me what a great time he had, how he had no idea how much fun it would really be and thanking me for “inviting” him! He was downright giddy!

Then, something strange happened. He finished up his shower, dried off and started running a bath for me. I was shocked and all I could think to say was, “Ummm… Thank you for running my bath?”

“It’s the least I could do. You’ve been taking such good care of me the last couple of days, buying me food and driving most of the way… I want to take care of you for a while and show some appreciation,” (awwwwwwww…!) then he started taking off my clothes – my stinky, dirty, sweaty skate clothes – after he was clean from his shower! He checked that the water temperature was hot but not too hot and then told me to get in and he would bathe me.

What the hell was going on?!?! Was it because he overheard my conversation with Skaterman earlier? I was SO confused! The man who didn’t want me to sleep in the bed without showering first, who wouldn’t have sex with me because blood was involved, who won’t even kiss me because my kisses are too juicy (therefore germy), was getting all freshly dirty on my sweaty skater-grime-body?!?!?

I climbed into the tub, he grabbed a paper cup from the bathroom sink and he started to bathe me! As he was doing that, I told him that having a man bathe me and wash my hair was one of my fantasies…

He poured the water over my shoulders and legs, making sure that everything was covered evenly before he started over again. I laid back in the tub to submerge myself and, once my body was opened up to him, he began to pour the stream of water directly on my nipples, then dribbling it between my legs. Again, making sure that each nipple and my pussy all got equal attention.

It felt so good. I just laid there in the tub, enjoying the attention while I was getting it. We talked more about the skating. I have to admit that I was just as pumped up as him. These skating parties are powerful – and there’s usually very little drinking and drugs involved. I was glad to languish in the bath for a while. Hopefully it would help me relieve some tension so I could fall asleep.

My muscles were starting to relax, along with my emotions (a little). Scorpio reached into the tub and started playing with my nipples. He kissed my forehead as he was pouring more water between my legs and asked me, “Where did you put the condoms?”

“They’re in my duffel bag at one of the ends. But I thought you were grossed-out about having sex with me right now?”

“You’re all clean in the bathtub and looking all sexy. It would just be another ‘first’ with you… You’ll just be popping another one of my cherries.” Then he winked at me, stood up and walked into the bedroom to search through my bag. I tried to catch a glimpse, but I couldn’t see an erection underneath the towel wrapped around him.

The first condom he tried to put on himself and it broke. I giggled a little and he went back through my things for another… When he got back he handed it to me and said, “You can do this a lot better than me.”

*I* winked and said, “There’s something new I want to try anyway.” I put the rubber in my mouth and ran my lips down the edges of his erection with my lips along with the edge of the condom. He moaned a little. I had to roll it down the rest of the way with my hand, but he seemed to enjoy it.

“Stand up and turn around. Show me your ass!”

I did as I was told and he slowly slid his stiff cock into me. I wasn’t totally into it. My body didn’t shudder the way it does when someone first enters me, but it felt good…

I was awkwardly pinned upside-down against the wall because I was in the tub and he was out. My neck really had nowhere to go but down, and I didn’t want to slip. While I was trying to readjust the positioning of my feet, I felt his finger poke into my ass and he asked, “Is this all right? Does it feel good?”

I gave him a moan of pleasure as my response and told him he felt so good inside my pussy, but inside my head I was wondering about his germophobia… He can just turn it on and off whenever?! I would think sticking a finger up someone’s ass wouldn’t be up high on his list of things to do (he’s asked me before if I was into ass-play, but that was before I knew how OCD he was)!

My mind was elsewhere the entire time. I’m pretty sure I had an orgasm but it wasn’t anything to write home about. He came and I took off the rubber and cleaned off his cock with my tongue. He wet a washcloth and I took a shower to wash everything off. By the time I was ready for bed, he was asleep.

Good. No cuddling again.

It was fine, I wasn’t that into him at this point anyway.

We slept until 11:30 when my phone rang. It was Skaterman asking if we were up yet. I told him, “We are now,” and had a good laugh. We talked about everyone’s plans for the afternoon. They were going to the Botanical Gardens before the afternoon bowling session and we were going to try to get more sleep and go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

Scorpio and I talked together in the bed for about an hour after that. I hadn’t put in my teeth yet and I wanted to see his reaction to conversing with me like that. It didn’t seem to bother him on the outside, but he made a comment Monday afternoon that helped me realize that it’s yet another thing about me he thinks is gross.

We cleaned up and had our lunch. Bowling started at 4PM and Scorpio had met some people who were going to save us a lane. They had already started when we got there, but we were still waiting for Skaterman and Amy so we just practice-bowled for a while. Scorpio is in a bowling league (like Loserman) so the practice was good for him, but humiliating for me. My first score was 43, but my second was almost double that at 78!!

Skaterman and Amy showed up right at the end of bowling. They had a wonderful time at the botanical gardens and Amy’s bowling made it so I actually looked good (white girls… *smh* LOL!). Skaterman and Scorpio bowled us under the table (if that’s an acceptable expression for it)!

Once bowling was over, Scorpio wanted to help the DJ and the skate party hosts pack up their stuff so he told me that I could wait in the car and he would be out in a few minutes.

It turns out that this was the only time all weekend where Scorpio said “A few minutes” and that’s all it took!

We got back to the room and there was only a couple more hours before the skating started at 11PM. I wanted to leave early because one of the skate party hosts told me at the picnic that Sunday night would be hella-busy!

Scorpio had to shower again and iron his pants, underwear and t-shirt. While he was doing all his primping, I sat out on the deck. It was a beautiful evening and I love smoking good weed outside on a nice night. It was just gravy that we were facing west and I could see the colors of the sunset at the same time.

I started getting ready at about 10:15. It took all of 15 minutes for me to put on my sparkly stretch-pants, skate shirt and some make-up (I don’t go crazy getting beautiful because I knew I’d be sweating all night long. Why waste the time and effort? My beauty is my skating! That’s why I was there anyway 😉 )

We got there about 10 minutes early and there weren’t that many people in line. Amy and Skaterman were about 15 people in front of us and we waved. While they were out that afternoon, Skaterman stopped at the hardware store to get a hex wrench so he could take the toe-stops off of the rental skates he would have to be using again. They were giggling about that when Scorpio and I joined them at the bench to put our skates on.

The night of skating again was no less than totally awesome! There were many more people there than Saturday: at least 150 people on the floor when it was busy. There were also a couple of film crews there to catch some of the best jam skaters on video.

Sunday (Monday early morning) was also the award night and the Main Event. Meaning that there was an entire hour of watching other people from different parts of the country skate, group skate, etc… We didn’t get to skate for any of that because there were only 5 of us from Denver (there needed to be at least 10 of us to get our own song) and there was a trio-or-more skate, but everyone from Denver except Scorpio and I had left at that point. Scorpio and I don’t skate well together (he’s very uncomfortable couple skating) and he was too busy flirting with all of the girls anyway.

When we did get a chance to talk for a couple minutes, I told Scorpio that I was getting tired and my knee hurt pretty bad. He replied that he was really sore too and we could probably head back to the room about 15 minutes early (2:45AM).

Big surprise! 2:45 came and went. No Scorpio. At 3:05 I had my skates off and was wandering around the rink trying to see him when I found him in the corner getting his pictures taken with a butt-ton of girls (eight – I counted): individual pictures, together pictures, kissing pictures…

Oh my fucking god!!! He looked up at me and walked over. I told him that I was ready to go and would be waiting in the car.

“Okay,” he responded, “I will be out in a few minutes.”

The skate session was over and I knew the employees would be making people leave soon, so I took a little comfort in that as I was walking out to the car.

30 minutes later Scorpio walks out all tangled up with a girl that he had been spending most of his time with inside. He came up to the window and said, “A few people from tonight were wondering if I could come over to the Village Inn across the parking lot and have breakfast with them. Honey here will give me a ride back to the hotel when we’re done so you can get some rest.” (no shit, that was her name!)

My jaw dropped. I was actually surprised that this asshole had the gall to ask me this while a girl was hanging from his arm giving him the starry eyes. “Sure,” I said. “Checkout is at noon. I’m not waiting around after that.”

“That won’t be a problem. We’re only going out to breakfast. If I’m not back to the room by 7AM I will call you and let you know what’s going on,” he said.

Ha, ha fucking ha, is what I said in my fucking head.

Then he asked, “Can I have $20? I don’t have any money left. You can add it to my tab and I’ll get you back when we get home.”

What a mother-fucker. Sure. Why fucking not.

He and his new ‘girlfriend’ strolled off across the parking lot and I drove back to the room to get completely naked and drop my sweaty, stinky dirty ass into the nice, pure and freshly-cleaned bed. I made sure to cover every little bit of that bed under the covers with my salty-sweaty skin.

I would take a shower when I got up later.

I woke up at 8AM and, guess what? No Scorpio. No text. No missed call/s. I texted him that his shit was all still in the room and checkout is at noon.

5 minutes later I got a response that he would be at our room within the hour.


I smoked two big fat bowls on the deck, went downstairs and ordered an overpriced breakfast for myself to eat back at the room, made a pot of coffee, drank it, smoked two more bowls, took a shower and got dressed. The asshole still wasn’t back.

It was 11AM Monday morning.

I brought all my things out to the car and, on my way back to the room at 11:15, Scorpio wandered in.

I said, “You’re really late. I don’t know if you’re going to have time to take a shower and get all your shit out to the car before it’s time to leave.”

“That’s okay,” he assured me. “I don’t have to take a shower. It’s not a big deal. Now, how about a hug?”

Are you fucking kidding me, SLUT!?! What the fuck ever!!!! Go take a fucking shower and then we might talk!

“Maybe **I** want you to take a shower!!!” and I glared into his eyes. “But whatever you want, dude.” His disgusting ass didn’t get a hug and I went over to the bed to sit and wait for his pokey ass to pack so we could check out of the hotel.

Talk about awkward…

Should be a fun drive back to Denver…

10 responses to “Sk8cation: Sunday

  1. oceanswater says:

    This story is so unreal, it is hard to believe but I know it’s true. Please stop allowing yourself to be abused like this. Absolutely NO MAN IS WORTH THIS KIND OF TREATMENT TO YOU!!

    • I know. You know it’s not like I did this on purpose, right?! I had no idea this guy was such a shitbag until I was stuck far away with him.

      As it was happening to me I was thinking how unreal it was. Trust me. The entire time I thought, “What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I have a good vacation? Why do I only attract this type of guy?”

      I’m very upset with myself for letting him come with me, but I had no idea he was like this. We both planned for it to be so much different than it was. I learned a lot… There’s one more post and then it’s finally over.

      Thanks for sticking around to endure my story! 🙂

      • oceanswater says:

        You will have a great vacation when you learn that you don’t need a needy asshole to keep draining your purse and treating you like shit. Hell, I travel alone all the time. it doesn’t mean I don’t meet men when I get to where I’m going. Then THEY buy me stuff. I don’t even have to spend my money… just sayin

  2. Wow…just wow. I just don’t understand men. Not at all.

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