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Today is Loserman’s Birthday

on February 24, 2015


Oh my goodness, I miss him more and more every day.

It takes all of my willpower (and we all know I have none) every single minute not to reach out to him.

I have emotional battles with myself multiple times daily.

Today I will probably lose to myself and send him a ‘happy birthday wishes’ text message.

Ultimately, I really do know better. It will only end up with my disappointment and more lamentful posts you all will have to endure…

Except for his fucking “Happy Valentine’s Day” text while I was on my Sk8cation, it’s been over two weeks since we’ve had a ‘conversation’.

…he moved Bear at the beginning of last week without me having to remind him… It warmed my heart and made me love him a little.


See how little it takes to make me happy?

I wish he’d just fix my damn truck, but it’s full-on winter here now and there’s pretty much no hope of him getting any more work done on it before the end of the month like he said. *sigh*

He still isn’t communicating with me about it like I begged him to…

I wonder how long he thinks that moving my truck back and forth in the parking lot will placate me?

6 responses to “Today is Loserman’s Birthday

  1. sassygirl40 says:

    It’s hard. Especially when you had a horrible time with what’s his name…it only just makes you miss you past love even more. I totally get why you would have the urge to reach out. Honestly I am so weak I would have sent the happy birthday message by now. Lol.
    Hang in there!!!

    • Awww, thanks!! XO!
      I did 😦 I sent a text message wishing him a happy day earlier this morning and I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with me tonight to celebrate (because I knew he would ignore that request – which he did. I am looking for more ammo to dislike him and he came through with flying colors 🙂 ).

      I also sent one on Facebook like all the rest of his friends. He responded to that one with a “Thank you”.

  2. beautifulmess7 says:

    Only you can answer how long moving your truck back and forth in the parking lot will placate you. At least you know how ridiculously little he does, that he deserves no credit, and that he’s a loser. Don’t let a bad experience or two with other losers make you rewrite history with that worthless sack of you-know-what. If he had gone with you on your last skating vacation it would have been just as bad. The only difference is that he wouldn’t have slept with another woman, but he would have been late, had no money, given you the silent treatment for absolutely no reason, and been a huge baby. Because that’s what he is.

    • You are 100% correct 🙂
      And in 3 more days it’s the end of February and I have to confront him again for my truck parts, etc… I’m trying not to think about it too much because I don’t want to discourage myself. Once I get it all back, I’m just as lost…

  3. lolarocks says:

    Sending you happy thoughts and hope better things are heading your way soon Smitten xx

    • XO! Thank you for the warm thoughts! ❤
      Good things come to me every day, right in between the inconvenient ones 😉 It helps balance stuff out and then I can appreciate the good parts that much more. Half of my Sk8cation rocked!

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