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Another Loser, Man

on March 1, 2015


I need to figure out what behavior I am exhibiting that attracts these loser men.

Clearly it’s something about me. Maybe it’s the way I smell, walk, dress. Or talk?

Seven days ago Scorpio was supposed to pay me back the $140.00 he owes me because he didn’t bring enough money for our Sk8cation.

It snowed a butt-ton last weekend and he didn’t make it to skating. That’s okay, only 15 of us did…

Monday I received a text from him:

Hey. Sorry I didn’t make it to the rink cause of the weather. Maybe you can stop by during the week sometime to pick it up.

Really?? No more “Hello, Beautiful?” I don’t even get a “Good morning”?


It took me a few minutes to not respond the way my heart wanted to.

Good morning. I’m glad to know you’re safe. Monday and Wednesday are bad. Other than that, let me know what works for you. Thanks!

(I didn’t want to sound like a super mega ultra bitch, but now I kind of wish I had.)

Surprise, surprise! I didn’t hear shit from him all fucking week. So, this afternoon we had another ‘conversation’ about the money he owes me (I’m blue, he’s red):


I’m probably the one who made him sick with my icky, dirty, germy self while we were away together…


Yeah. Sure, asshole. I’ll just call Xcel and let them know that I can’t pay my electric bill this month because Wimpy owes me the money I need to pay it. (That’s not true, but I would like to put that money back into savings for my next skate trip. Or what-the-fuck ever!)

I simply responded, “Ok. I’ll bother you about it again next week. Get well soon.

(I guess my passive-aggressive bitch self is sick of being repressed, but I wanted to be a lot meaner!)

8 responses to “Another Loser, Man

  1. oceanswater says:

    All I can say is don’t give it to them in the first place and then they owe you nothing. In the meantime, you are just an ATM for all of these losers…
    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me… guys worth anything would starve before asking a woman for a dime. Of course you want and need your money.

    • I’m learning how not to be a doormat. I would have left the asshole in Denver if he had told me he didn’t have any money before we left…

      But, no matter my excuses, you are right.

      • oceanswater says:

        When he told me, I would have said “that’s really too bad, you are going to get mighty hungry.” “feel free to share the food I brought, because I only have money enough for myself.”

      • oceanswater says:

        Smitten you will love and respect yourself so much when you really get to that point. Please don’t let any guy take advantage of you in any way. Nobody is worth that! Nobody!

  2. Like you I have a soft heart but I can’t open my wallet…I’m sorry but this is a lesson I learned HARD a while ago. You are an AMAZING woman and they should appreciate that and carry their own weight.

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