Hello, My Name Is:

Hello, My Name Is:


How hard is it to respond to a text or an email?

Completely fucking impossible???

Why can’t I fall for a guy who likes getting attention and mushy shit from a girl?

…someone who likes giving it back.

Why is it that I only truly fall for the guys who find me easily forgettable?

…easily discarded

…who don’t appreciate how awesome I am

…who can’t even take my honestly-expressed basic needs and try to meet them

Is anyone like that even out there?

Maybe I’m not as awesome as I thought…


How do I learn to love myself differently?

…to choose someone who will value me and what I have to offer?

ForgettableThat doesn’t seem like me at all!

I wish to be UN-forgettable.

I try to be unforgettable…

I guess I’m still practicing


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is:

  1. Hey Smitten, I have been doing a lot of reading lately on co-dependent behavior. It keeps popping up in my life. Co-dependent (the helpful person) and the dependent (the one who is enjoying receiving the help with no need or desire to reciprocate) they always find each other. I am a co-dependent. I just thought that maybe some reading on this might help you (and me) figure out why we keep getting ourselves involved with men who don’t appreciate us. I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds, but thought you might find this helpful. And I hope you are feeling better! Hugs!

    1. You’re right. I know I am co-dependent *sigh* and I read a lot about it all the time. It doesn’t seem to help me to change my choices, though… You didn’t overstep – thanks for chiming in!!

      XOX!! Stay warm!! ❤

  2. I often wonder that myself – I see so many women who aren’t half the woman I am and really are kinda ugly and bitchy and they have men I’m like WTF??!!!

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