Loserman’s Friend: Cevichito

Loserman’s Friend: Cevichito

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Originally, his name was going to be LMF for Loserman’s Friend, but that seemed horribly unfair and, ultimately, it could affect the way I treat him or think about him.

So, I am calling him Cevichito for a couple of reasons…

  • He is Mexican and his real name is also 4 syllables (both would be difficult to scream out in ecstasy)
  • He claims to everyone that he has a very small dick (and, even though it’s Puerto Rican street slang, it still means “tiny penis”)

He’s a Cancer (not to be confused with The Cancer).

Cancers and I haven’t been compatible thus far, either as lovers/mates or friends. The full moon affects their emotions ever-so-much, and it always seems to be in a bad way, but I’ll give this one a chance and see.

We went on a “date” a few weeks ago. It did not go well, but that wasn’t his fault (I don’t think).

We’re going to try again tonight. I’m going over to his place and he is making me dinner.

The plan is to have dinner, then watch a movie (Into Darkness – it’s good he likes Star Trek, too 🙂 ).

After that, we’ll just have to wait and see…


4 thoughts on “Loserman’s Friend: Cevichito

    1. Loosely. They bowled together for a few years. He’s always expressed interest in me.

      I’m not looking to get “serious” with this guy. I don’t think it will go much further than tonight. Guys really think they’re into me, but then they spend time with me and they’re not any more.

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