The Nigerian

The Nigerian

Azi = Youth

Azi and I have had 3 “dates”: one back in November, one two weeks ago and one last Monday. We had dinner together the first time and sex all 3 times.

It was good sex all 3 times. He’s a very nice man, but there isn’t any ‘electricity’ (probably that’s because he’s not a total douchebag asshole that needs me for my money *sigh*).

For a 51-year-old man he has quite the stamina. And, he can get me off! Although he’s a lot more vanilla than what I desire right now, he appears to be much less of a jerk than the guys who normally express interest in me. So, that’s a plus.

He isn’t really into kissing, but at least it’s not because I’m gross or sloppy or germy or anything like Scorpio said… In Nigeria, kissing is a form of greeting: men kiss men to say “Hello” or “Goodbye”; lip-locking isn’t something they really do with women. It’s quite obvious and a little comical when he kisses me: he gives me a quick peck so fast that I don’t even have time to pucker up and return (or enjoy) it. Clearly it’s just a “Hello” or “Good-bye” thing for him.

He’s a brilliant man with a Masters in Finance. Sometimes he wants to talk to me about my job (Staff Accountant), but I don’t have a degree so I just listen to him talk and try to understand what he’s saying.

Other times he wants to be like a therapist and counsel/help me on things like my broken marriage, my recently-failed relationship with Loserman (this topic actually fascinates him to the point of my tears – then he fucks me… 😉 ) and also the headaches that the Atlanta ladies at work frequently give me and my boss-lady.

Last Monday we talked about relationships and the differences between the sexes; what happened when his marriage broke; talking to his grown children about relationships, etc… He told me I am very wise and in touch with all of that – which surprised him coming from a woman, but he didn’t say it in a condescending way.

We are very different people…

  • I’m a white girl from the United States and he’s a black man born and raised in Nigeria. He moved to the USA in his late 20s – culturally we are very different, but we have both been accepting and understanding of that.
  • He’s kinda religious – has a shrine in his bedroom that he prays to every morning and night. However, he’s open-minded and we have brief philosophical discussions about religion (and relationships) – then he fucks me…
  • Like I said, he’s vanilla when it comes to sex. VERY!! Missionary is his preferred position. In fact, we’ve done it in the exact same position every single time. I am hoping to change that but I am not looking change him (maybe he just hasn’t had a girl who knows how to be on top 😉 ).
  • He drives an old white mini-van = kinda creepy (I was early to our first date and, after I saw what he was driving, I almost left before we even met. I’m glad I didn’t go… During that date, he mentioned that his daughter told him he needs to get a different vehicle: something less creepy. LOL!)
  • Umm… He has a fucking Masters Degree! And all I gots is some high school learnin’… *sigh* But I still have great and (intellectually) stimulating conversations with him!

I like him alright, but there isn’t any spark with him – at least not on my side of things… Thinking about him doesn’t make my panties all wet and squishy like Mr. X or Loserman did, but I *do* look forward to our post-coital chats.


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