Fade Away

Fade Away

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I wish I could tear my heart away from you

As easily as you have withdrawn yours from me

Talking to me less and less

As if you’ve completely lost interest

Do you think:

“If I ignore her long enough, maybe she’ll go away”?

Or perhaps:

“If I keep breaking my word, maybe she’ll finally leave me alone”?


I probably will try to leave you alone and go away

And when I am finally able to let your memory fade

I will still remember that you left me without saying “Good-bye”

that I was discarded like yesterday’s garbage

that I trusted you and I shouldn’t have

that you forgot about me long before I could forget about you…


11 thoughts on “Fade Away

  1. I feel like I could have written this post right now. I know exactly how you are feeling. I’m sorry. It hurts and it just sucks. Plain and simple. Hopefully the good moments will get longer and bad moments get shorter until they are all just good moments.

    1. XOXO!! I’m sorry. It does hurt and it does suck.
      And bless you for reminding me that the bad moments will be shorter and shorter until they’re only good moments. ❤ Thank you!

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