Jiggly Bits and Insecurities


I have learned very recently that most men really don’t give a crap about some jiggly bits. Even younger men…

And if they DO care, they’re really not the guy you want anyway.

WOMEN are much more critical of the female form than men are – and we are ALL more critical of ourselves! It turns out that men find all of this just as tough and overwhelming as we do – at least the ones I have talked to. They are all just as scared about being vulnerable with women: body hair, penis size, performance issues, jiggly bellies – they’re just better at faking it and pretending, because most men aren’t constantly telling themselves how big of a failure they are (like women are). They don’t have an evil voice inside their heads second-guessing them every single moment of every single day. Men are lucky like that.

So, ease up on yourself!!! I’m a little pleasantly plump at 5’8″ and 195 pounds and I feel a little ooky when I take my clothes off for the first time in front of a man. But if he’s a good man, he helps me feel comfortable and desirable immediately after. The “right” men feel privileged to spend time with a real naked woman.

I think that once you start accepting that you *really* are a truly beautiful person (it doesn’t matter what others think!!), inside *and* out, (because you ARE) men will be beating down your door. Men can sense insecurities in a woman – it scares away the good ones, attracting only the ones who will take advantage of your vulnerability and weakness.

(<3 luv me some Chris Rock!)


12 thoughts on “Jiggly Bits and Insecurities

    1. LOL! Thank you so much! I am definitely *not* happy in my own skin, but I am trying 😀 This is something I just recently learned (and, I have to admit that the Chris Rock bit really helped, too!)

      I really appreciate your comment. It made me smile HUGE!! ❤

  1. He is hilarious…. Studies have shown that african american women are more comfortable with their bodies than any other culture of people. But that does not mean that all women are.

  2. i was always battling my inner skinny bitch. My mom was a skinny woman. I was not. Still am not. But i am one sexy woman. I am comfortable in my skin. Yes i still wish i had a flat stomach. But when your man looks at you with loving eyes and declares that in all honesty your ass could be bigger, well you know that he loves you and thinks all of your jiggly bits are smoking hot. We need to learn to see ourselves through their eyes. And when we do, we find that we are sexy beyond words.

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