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Love is Stupid – Revisited

on April 8, 2015

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It makes fun things funner

and sexy times sexier

But it also makes bad things badder

sad things sadder

and hard times harder

Sometimes I wonder if I even really know what love is. I feel things so strongly and get so wrapped up in them, maybe it’s not love as much as infatuation or an intense need to create an ex(r)otic life so I can escape the sad one I have given myself. Maybe I am just confused about what love is…

… but then, maybe everyone else is, too.

“Love” is just the sound we assigned so we could call it something — the actual feeling is completely indescribable.

Some days I would tell you it’s a feeling of complete elation.

Love heals.

Love uplifts.

It conquers.

It unifies.

Other days I will tell you that I hate love and I don’t want to have anything more to do with it. Ever.

Love stinks.

Love bleeds.

It hurts.

It aches.

I used to think that Loserman was my soulmate. Recently I have been thinking that maybe he wasn’t and all along I was just trying to convince myself that he was.

I’m willing to bet that anyone who has freshly fallen in love will think they have met their soulmate. Except, maybe with some people the feelings fade over time — kind of like the tread wearing out on your tires…

2 responses to “Love is Stupid – Revisited

  1. 2bshameless says:

    I like the new design!

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