Smitten with Him

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Monday Motivation: Camping…

on April 20, 2015

After our long drive and then setting everything up, both of us were tired and ready to sit by a hot, roaring fire and enjoy a glass of Reisling. Problem being, we hadn’t build a fire yet. But, the wine was chilling nicely in the cooler!

I wandered around the edges of our campsite to gather up kindling and you went into the tent to grab the wine, some paper to start the fire and a book of matches. When you came back out, I had already started building a pyramid out of the sticks and twigs I had found and you said, “Nicely done. We should have no problem getting a fire started now” then winked at me.

I caught your sly wink and returned it with a blown kiss.

It didn’t take long to set a roaring fire and, before long, I was settled comfortably in your arms, both of us cozy with glasses of wine in our hands. As we sipped, we enjoyed the starlit night and the fresh, clean and crisp air. It wasn’t long before I could feel my eyes getting heavy and my head sagging on your shoulder. “Baby, you tired?” I hear you say and nod in confirmation. “I know we set up the tent, but would you like to spend tonight sleeping under the stars?

I stirred in your arms and opened my eyes wide, “But what about the bears!?” I jokingly asked.

“You are safe from everything while I am here…” You winked at me and kissed my neck before returning to our tent to retrieve our things. I couldn’t help but check out your fine, tight ass as you leaned over to lower the door-zipper.

There was a smile on your face as you returned with our sleeping bags and pillows, and the fire cast a sensual glow to everything about the evening. I remained seated as I was and watched you from the other side of the fire, hypnotized, while you opened up both sleeping bags completely and laid them out on top of each other like blankets, in the smoothest place you could find in the darkness. After you were satisfied, you glanced at me and beckoned for me to join you.

I was more than happy to oblige. Even though I was still sitting close to the fire, you were no longer warming my back and I could feel the brisk night air closing in behind my light jacket. You were already seated on the sleeping bags and I climbed right back into your arms, safe and sound (and warm) just like earlier. Only this time, I could feel something hard behind me, poking straight into my lower back.

Feeling your erection hard-pressed against me brought my attention back to the steady, hot wetness I’d been feeling between my legs. Earlier, before the fire and while we were still setting things up, I felt the first surge of moisture. Watching you work so efficiently putting up the tent… And then when you took off your shirt… It took everything in my power not to reach out and touch all of your sexy bits right then, but I remembered that patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait and all that…

I figured that now was as good a time as any and reached my hand around to lightly grab your stiffness and hold it firmly in my hand. I settled onto you more comfortably while I tried to manipulate your cock in my palm through your jeans. It wasn’t long before I heard a pleased sigh escape your lips.

Your lips pressed against the side of my neck, I could feel your slight breath tickling the wispy hairs. It made me wish to know that feeling over all of my body….

Right after having a turn with yours….

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