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…Into the Woods

on April 28, 2015

(Read Part 1)

I feel the pull of the truck as you drive forward out of the garage and turn onto the street. The furry blanket you have wrapped around me is remarkably warm and comfortable. As you drive, I shift my head back and forth a little to gather up some of the fur underneath myself to form a makeshift pillow.

The radio is on. Nothing special. I think it’s the local classic rock channel and it sounds like Fleetwood Mac or something. I’m able to focus on it instead of what’s actually happening to me.

There are some turns and some stops. At first, I try to concentrate on how long between stops, how many turns… But I have never been good at directions. Being blindfolded and laying on my side in a Jeep isn’t helping to orient myself.

After a while, we’re on the highway (or something). We’re no longer stopping and I can hear the tires as they start picking up speed. Where is he taking me?! I wonder for a moment. Then I think, Is this because I didn’t call him last night to tell him I’d be late getting home? I rationalized earlier that evening that it was only traffic and only about 30 minutes.

But who was I fooling, right? Not you obviously… You were visibly upset and mostly silent through dinner. And something seemed a little off during our normal bedtime ritual. I should have known better…

I decide to focus on the rhythm of the road, the constant thrum of the treads on the tires as they overtake the asphalt and I fade in and out of slumber. You drive in silence the entire time. I keep trying not to wonder what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. I start repeating in my head, like a mantra, Just focus on breathing or the anxiety will replace the pleasure

It’s not much longer before we turn a corner and I hear loose gravel beneath the tires. Panic starts to fill me and I uneasily shift beneath my covering; squirming nearly impossible for me because of your impressive knot-tying! I start to wonder if you can hear me shifting around and panic fills me a little more. He told you to be quiet, I chastise myself. You don’t need to make things worse!

“We’ll be there in just a few minutes, baby. I’m really proud of how you’re doing. You’ve been so quiet and respectful and obedient. When I’m through with your punishment, I have a reward for you, too.”

I want so badly to break my silence and tell you how my punishment is also my reward. Once you are through with me, there is no need… My reward is always your satisfaction and pleasure with me.

The truck comes to a stop and I hear you get out and close the driver’s side door. The back door opens and you rustle around, I can only hear what’s happening, but I suspect you’re gathering up tools for my demise. The back door closes and then silence…

… I start to worry that my punishment is you sleeping in a nice warm bed while I lay blindfolded and bound in the back of your SUV…

I drift off again. Not only disoriented with where I was but when. I have no idea if it’s still night or if it’s already the beginning of morning. I don’t even know what time it was or how long I was napping when you woke me up.

The “pop” of the back hatch being opened is what wakes me. I can feel the lower half of the door open as it hits bottom and then the truck lowering under your weight as you climb in next to me.

You remove the blanket from me and, there is such a chill in the air, I can’t help but shiver. Goosebumps race to erupt from every one of my pores as you help me sit up. You’re behind me like before and your arms fold me in their welcome warmth. “I am very disappointed in you earlier. It might seem trivial to you, but we had an agreement and you have certain rules to follow. I need to always know that you will follow those rules. Nod if you understand.”

I nod because I truly do understand what you are telling me. Shivers run through me as your hot breath tickles my neck.

“Now… Do you know why I’m disappointed?”

I nod again.

“Please speak and tell me, my pet.”

Kneeling before you, with you directly behind me and your arms wrapped around me, I respond, “Last night I worked late and didn’t find any way to let you know.”

“Yes, my pet. That’s exactly right. I’m going to untie your bindings and lead you. I know you must be tight from laying that way for so long. Take a moment getting unwound after I’m through unwinding you.” I can hear a bit of lightness in your voice, as if amused with yourself, and you carefully unbind my hands from my feet.

Once free, it takes a few moments for me to stretch out my extremities.

“The blindfold stays on,” You say as you take my hand and guide me around the side of the vehicle. Walking outside feels strange because I think there should be more twigs and rocks on the ground, but there isn’t. The ground seems clear. Almost like someone swept the gravel walkway clean of rocks.

We stop walking. You pause behind me, “Trust me, baby. I’ve wanted to try this for so long now,” I nod in acknowledgement. Your lips graze each of my shoulders before you put your hands on them and proceed lean me over face-forward on what feels like the hood of your truck!

The sensation is extremely interesting. It’s still warm in places from the drive, but it’s also cold in places because we had already been at this place for a while. I lie prone in front of you obediently as you fasten one of my wrists to the corresponding loop on the side of your truck.

You take my other hand and do the same.

After you are confident in your knots, I hear you unfasten your belt and the zipper come down on your jeans. I feel you sidle up behind me, your erection poking at me in precisely the right place. I wiggle my ass a little as to urge your hard cock to press more deeply into me.

But, you’re not ready for that yet. There is still my punishment to dole out. 30 lashes for 30 minutes. You grab each of my legs and spread me wide before you. You pull away from behind me and I catch the sound of your belt being tugged from your pants. My breath cinches a little. My body tenses.

“You know it will be easier for you if you just relax and take your punishment. Afterwards your ass will glow like the moon and you will remember to tell me when you decide to change plans.”

Again, I nod in agreement. But I can’t relax. Anticipation is like electricity running through my veins.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Ouch! Five lashes, 25 to go, I count to myself. And all on the same side, too…

I feel your warmth behind me again as you barely kiss your hardened cock to my dripping pussy. This time, You press harder against me and rub the length of your stiffness down my moist folds to caress my clit before pulling away to resume my now-25 lashes.

I moan when you leave me. Disappointed at the void of your absence.

“I will tell you when it’s okay to make noise.” And the belt comes down again.

This time 10 times!

Tears run down the side of my face and I wish I could yell, Ten more! Please give it all to me so it can be over!

Again you approach me from behind and tease me with the head of your dick. Dragging the length of yourself through my wetness without entering me, touching his head to my doorway but never entering…

I can’t help but moan again and my legs tremble beneath you. I’m glad to be secured to the truck, otherwise I think I would collapse.

“Now It’s time for the rest.” Your words interrupt my thoughts. “Do you think you can do that for me? You have 15 lashes left with my belt, pet.”

I nod, wishing that I could tell you that’s what I wanted all along. It’s not why I made my mistake… But, I want to take my punishment and then have you take me and have me and use my body for your pleasure because it pleases me to please you.

My body bravely stands for all 15 remaining lashes. I only let out a few cries, and that is at the end.

And as I lay there before you, tied to the hood, spent, with my ass red and glowing, you approach me one last time and enter me completely. Filling me up with your entire self, as deeply as you can, thrusting into me.

We both cry out in pleasure as you plunge into me over and over again…

(Part 3)

4 responses to “…Into the Woods

  1. lolarocks says:

    You have such a gift for this smitten- absolutely riveted to the story.
    Erotica at its very best! Love it!!

  2. Erika Moira Richez says:

    Love it ❤

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