Smitten with Him

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“Believe In Me”

on May 1, 2015

I really, really, really, really like this song!

So, I hope you do, too!

Believe In Me
by Jamie Lidell

Lyin’ with you I don’t want to cry
Baby, won’t you dry your eyes?
I don’t want to keep thinking of all we could’ve been
And all the ways I could’ve tried
I’m always afraid of you and what I put you through

Baby, please, let me try

Believe in me, oooh
How am I supposed to believe in myself?
How am I supposed to believe when I see
You don’t believe in me?

Think of the way you used to sigh
And all of the dreams that could’ve been real…
If I was being there… (???)
With what was left for me (???)

Baby, please, don’t make me cry

[chorus] x2


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