Smitten with Him

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on May 5, 2015

Part 1, Part 2

..My blindfold is amazingly secure! I still don’t know what time it is or where I really am. I can hear the birds with their early morning wake-up calls, but that could be anywhere.

You take a step away from me, leaving my back open to the morning chill. After the 30 lashes and the powerful fucking, the cool air is nothing but a relief. I let out a deep sigh and relax into my bindings, my body sagging a bit. An amusing thought pops through my mind, I wonder if we woke up the birds.

You approach me from behind again. Only this time it’s more ‘clinical’. I can feel that your pants are fastened securely where they belong and it doesn’t take long for you to untie my bindings. Once released, I practically collapse into your arms, thankful you’re there to catch me before I hit the ground. My legs so weak, I fear I wouldn’t be able to get up again.

Your arms wrap around me from behind and your lips caress my ear as you say, “I’m so proud of you, my pet. You took your punishment quietly and majestically. Now, let me take you inside for reward.”

I grunt in agreement, not having the energy to nod or move my lips to answer. You reach behind my knees and scoop me up in your arms. My hands flop behind your neck and I instinctively grab on. Even though I’m tired, I know it makes my dead weight a little easier to bear. It is my second favorite way for you to carry me, after all…

My backside is still uncovered and, as we cross over the threshold, I feel a warmth from within and I can hear a fire crackling. Ahhhh… Now I know what you were doing when you were gone so long, I think and I catch the faint odor of coffee, but that could just be wishful thinking…

You gently place me on a bed. The mattress practically breathes my body into it and the top feels like the fur blanket from the truck; even though I know it can’t be. Regardless, you know what I like and what I need and tonight is going perfectly! I quietly hope my ‘reward’ will be sleeping in this warm and furry heaven.

Again you grab my wrists to expertly (yet gently) fasten them to each other and then to the headboard. I secretly wish that you would remove the blindfold so I can see if the country log cabin I’m viewing in my head is where we really are. Next, you fasten my legs to opposite corners.

I lay open before you. Fully vulnerable, but very, very warm and comfortable.

And feeling safe.



The room is quiet except for the peaceful noise of the fire. I can hear practically everything – and being blindfolded is probably helping heighten my other senses. You cross the room and close the door; then add a couple of logs to the crackling fire. It’s silent for a moment, then your zipper again, and your pants hit the floor…

I feel anxious goosebumps creeping all over me. Even though I know I’m safe with you – you know my limits – I’m not sure I can take another lashing; even if it is on my front side.

You climb onto the bed beside me and crawl over my thigh to position yourself between my legs. Your naked heat presses against me as you lean over and kiss me.

First softly… I let out a gasp at the contact, then you come in for more than just a peck. You give me the full devastating power of your mouth, melting me even more. Making me wish I could wind my fingers through your hair and pull your mouth in ever closer.

You crawl down my body slowly. Kissing a trail down the center of my body. Wandering to each side when you reach my breasts. Nibbling each of them to almost painful erection before moving on. I can feel the thrumming between my legs getting stronger.

Calloused hands separate my inner thighs just enough for you to begin what can only be described as outright worship! Lips and tongue; even the graze of teeth move over me with unbridled enthusiasm and recognized skill!

Bound securely above my head, my fingertips dig deeply into my palms. The sounds of your mouth are delicious to listen to and careening me towards orgasm. Your mouth nose and tongue are everywhere… The entire time with two fingers inside me…

Sloppy and wet in the best way possible… Leaving no doubt that you love every minute of this. You’re not just trying to get me off – you are getting off on it, too!

“Ohhh!” I cry out, as a warning I’m on the edge. But you have no intention of stopping. You curve your fingers inside me and suck my clit between your lips and hum.

That does me in. My hands clench even tighter and tremors overcome my entire body as I shudder beneath the power of your mouth. You ride the wave of my orgasm until I settle.

While you climb back up my self to be face-to-face, you declare, “You look good all wild-haired and sweaty. I’m thinking of making this a daily goal to get you looking this way.” You lean in and kiss me, your lips tasting of my arousal, and despite my world-rocking orgasm, a steady, unfulfilled throbbing between my legs begins again.

You get up from my body and remove my leg ties. “It’s time to untie your legs. I’m going to put your legs over my shoulders, pet. I want to hear you cum again”.

I shake my head at you, not knowing I could cum again so soon.

But, before I can complete the thought, you’re pushing into me and making me rethink my previous notion. I can feel every inch as you enter me and my inner muscles clench and grip you with desperate need.

You release a long breath when you’re seated deep within me and you adjust your hold on my thighs. You pull back and thrust deep again, tension tightening your movements.

Your motions gain momentum and I can tell you’re getting close to being lost in the moment. You release my legs beneath you and reach between them to rub my clit as you pump into me with more and more force.

My eyelids flutter shut beneath my blindfold and my body surrenders again to the power of yours. Your thrusts turn earnest and rough, knocking the bed against the wall with steady rhythm. Your hair is tickling my face with every movement, the sensation a simple but intensely erotic one.

And, when you cum, you don’t even try to be quiet. The sounds, the feel of your hair caressing my sensitive flesh and your fingers on my clit sends me over the edge with you.

As you finish, you ease your body down onto mine and lie on top of me again. Except this time, our sweaty, naked skin feels like it’s fusing together.

It isn’t long before you pull yourself out of and away from me. The emptiness now causing an unwelcome cold.

I shiver.

Your warmth fills the space beside me on the bed again and I moan as I try to roll over to get closer to you, pulling against my bindings. “Just a minute, my sweet one. Let me untie the rest of you and free your eyes so you can see.”

My arms collapse on the bed above me when they become freed. You grab each of them and move them, for me, to rest on each side of my body. Then, carefully, you reach through the tangle of wild hair and magically unfasten the knot at the back of my blindfold.

My eyes are free. At first I don’t open them. I simply smile and turn my face in your direction.

Your next words sound like music to my ears, “I can’t even tell you how amazing you looked tied up for me. Now, I need you to drink. Can you sit up for me?” I open my eyes to meet yours and the only word I can think to say is “Please.” Somehow you know what I am trying to say and you reach under my back to help me up. There is a bottle of water in your hand and you bring it to my lips to let me drink from it, slowly.

I take it from you and finish it up. “Good girl,” you assure me as you crawl a little closer and lay down beside me, pulling a light blanket over us. “I’m very proud of you. Now come over here and let’s get some sleep before I show you what else I have in store for you…”

7 responses to “Aftercare…

  1. Oh my god it gets better and better! I wish I had hubs home now!

  2. @WankOfTheDay says:

    I simply love, love, LOVE this.

  3. darkgemdom says:

    Well now, that was hot!

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