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Work and Sex Don’t Mix?

on May 8, 2015

Sex on Desk

There’s a gentleman at work. He’s one of our agents and works as an independent contractor. He doesn’t come into the office very often, but we talk on the phone quite a bit.

Last fall, he broke up with his girlfriend for the 3rd and final time. They had an ‘incident’:

They were together at the mall with some friends. She had been drinking and thought it would be funny to start acting like he was man-handling her. She called for security and the police – in the middle of the mall in front of their friends – as a joke!!

When security came, she explained that nothing was wrong; that she was just joking.

He is a 58-year-old black man. That should really speak for itself. He’s seen and been through a lot of racism and, even though we’re in Denver, he isn’t about to fuck with that kind of stuff.

And this wasn’t the first time she had pulled shit like this.

So, he ended it with her around the same time as Loserman ended things with me.

Only he actually broke up with her. In person. To her face. He didn’t leave all her stuff in her car and just stop talking to her.


We’ve been flirting since the beginning, but I never expected it to go anywhere. I thought he was just teasing, and I am a flirt.

One day, near mid-March, it went there; he was finally dead serious.

Half-way through my morning, he called me. Teasing me that, once everyone was gone for the night, he was going to come visit me and ravage me all over the office. (I work later than everyone because I take a longer lunch – the last 30 minutes of my day is usually very peaceful!)

I closed my office door and we had a nice little sex chat while he jacked off at home. Then, I explained to him I really didn’t want my first time with him to be at work. If he was serious, I wanted to be able to explore him and get to know what he likes before a quick Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am!

Before this moment, I had thought about getting sexual with this man. We talk all the time at work… His agenda matches up perfectly with mine: he needs a distraction from his heart being broken: someone with a freshly wounded heart, too.

Neither of us are looking for anything more than friendship and a good fuck every now and again.

We made arrangements to meet at his townhouse the next Wednesday morning before work. I told Boss-Lady that I had an appointment.

I would tell you the sexyness of what happened, but it was basic first-time sex. Good, but telling you about it would make my already long story even longer.

To sum up: it was mind-blowingly, twat-fuckingly lovely.

He called me later that day to apologize for not going down on me like he had promised he would. “You started off with that blow job and then things got outta control when you looked up at me and you had your lips around my dick. I had to have you! Next time don’t let me forget.”

“I had no expectations. You completely made my morning and I’m pretty sure you know how satisfied I was when I left your place.” Then I added, “I’m glad to hear there’s going to be a next time.” 😉

We continued to chat regularly. Everything the same. Talking about our broken relationships, counseling each other, chatting about work and normal every day things. Just like the friends we had been for the past year.

Then there came a day when he asked me if I was the only one left at the office, because he was feeling extra-specially horny and I was going to be leaving for my Spring Sk8 Jam that coming weekend – it struck me as funny, because I was going to call him and ask if I could visit him again before we left…

It was an abnormal Thursday at the office. My office-mates had both left at noon, none of the other agents came into the office that afternoon, and everyone on the corporate side left at 4:30 (I have no idea why… It just worked out that way… Kismet?) I told him all that and he responded, “I’m leaving my place now. I’ll be there in 30 minutes or less!”

He was right. It was about 25 minutes before I heard him open the main office door, then close and lock it behind him. I got up from my desk to meet him and, immediately, he directed me into the conference room. I stood there before him, wearing a skirt, kissing the hell out of his fully-kissable lips. When he pulled  his face away from mine, I was instructed to bend over the side of the conference room table. “I’ve been waiting to have you over this table for months. Every time we have a meeting in here, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

I did exactly as I was told. My body was so wet and ready for him. I’d been fantasizing about it since he called earlier and maybe I touched myself once or twice while I was thinking…

He ravaged me over that table forwards and backwards, then ordered me out to the lobby to sit straddled in one of the chairs so he could get down on his knees and finally get a taste of my very fuckable pussy.

How hot is that?

Again, I did as I was told and he made the reward absolutely worth my while!

Once he was satiated, I was told to get up, turn around and face the chair. Bent over doggie-style, my ass up in the air, he fucked me over and over again. I came 3 times and he said, “Cum for me one more time. I’m sure you have one more in there for me.”

I did and it was gigantic! At the same time I was coming, I could feel Mitch’s dick pulsing inside of me. He let out a deep sigh and said, “You feel so amazing…”

I practically fell to the floor at the foot of the chair, “I think this is going to take me a minute…”

Fast-forward to booty call #3, two weeks ago: another Wednesday morning before work (how apropos, eh?).

For the first 20 minutes, he kept me right on the brink of orgasm. He could feel when I was close, then slow his rhythm.

Eventually this caused me to scold him for teasing, but then he pulled completely out and began using his mouth on me instead. His tongue and lips were toying with me, too. Every time he knew I was close to explosion, he would ease his intensity just enough to slow my momentum.

But, orally was how he finally ‘allowed’ me to orgasm. With his mouth completely enveloping my genitals, I came over and over again. He was relentless.

When finally finished, he looked up at me and asked, “Are you okay?”

I answered, “Yes”, but my head was shaking back and forth violently on the bed like I was arguing with my very own response.

While I was trying to put my brain back in my head, he scooted up behind me and underneath my legs so they parted evenly over his top hip. Slowly, he pressed himself into me until he filled me completely. I spun off into orgasm-land yet again and my hips convulsed and gyrated into his, moving and pressing his cock deeper and deeper into me until he couldn’t hold back any more…

Who says work and sex don’t mix?

9 responses to “Work and Sex Don’t Mix?

  1. Oh wow! You lucky little beast you! I want to hear more, more, more!

  2. Cinn says:

    Work sex is hot. I once fucked my ex husband in the dental office I worked for. 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    You lucky ‘girl’ I am so envious! What I would do to give Amanda (45 year old divorcee Secretary) a right good seeing to, alas it will never happen. Great post btw 😉

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