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A Little More About TC

on May 14, 2015


Obviously I can’t tell you too much about him, this being an ‘anonymous’ blog and all…

But we have both been very transparent with each other, thus far.

Me, especially so, having this blog and all. It’s not like I can lie to him about anything, right? I mean, we met through Twitter. His first comment to me, on Twitter, was in regards to a blog post.

We’ve been impulsive, but relatively open-eyed.

We are Facebook friends (in real life! Whoa!) and connections on LinkedIn (again, whoa!); we have each others’ phone numbers.

I know his birthday, he knows mine. He’s 10 months younger than me. (Still trying to get over the fact that he’s a Cancer… My heart broke a little when he told me his birthdate.)

He has a young child. Mine are mostly grown, of course. (Don’t think that hasn’t passed through my mind a few times…)

He’s a workaholic. I am not. I don’t even elude to be. Maybe I could be a good thing for him: help him relax. Maybe my lackadaisical, care-free attitude will annoy the crap out of him.

We have similar spiritual and political beliefs. Although, the other night, we did have a tiny tiff about SpongeBob Squarepants (it had to happen sooner or later)…


I have to keep reminding myself that we haven’t even met each other yet.

He might be a loud mouth-breather or perpetually forget to turn the lights off when he leaves a room. He might not like that I put my elbows on the table when I’m eating, or I might be too loud and/or vulgar and/or obnoxious or just too plain casual for his tastes (give me the opportunity, though, and I clean up real nice!).

And I don’t look much like my pictures: stretch marks, skin discoloration, pimples, body hair doesn’t always show… He might meet me in person and think, “Who the hell was that girl in those pictures?” At least I don’t wear make-up most of the time, so what he’s seen is as true as possible.

There is the whole I-have-no-teeth-thing, which seems to be more of an issue for me than anyone else…

Tomorrow night, at 9:30, he lands in Denver to spend a infinitely short 33-hour weekend with me.

I am so excited!

I’m SO nervous!

I can’t wait!

8 responses to “A Little More About TC

  1. kittykat says:

    I’m excited for you!

  2. I can 100% relate to what you are going through, and it’s indeed very heady and exciting. One thing that was so different for me was the “hyper honesty” we had due to the nature of our blogs. As you well know, it was a double edged sword. But I don’t think I would do anything differently if I was to do it again.

    Good luck! Look forward to hearing about it 🙂

  3. sassygirl40 says:

    Good luck and have fun!!!

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