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Last Friday

on May 19, 2015

(First off, I want to tell you that I had an amazing weekend with TC. Absolutely amazing!

But I like telling a story and it seems that I have a tendency to be long-winded, *per one of my readers* so I am going to be just that: starting with the beginning of my day Friday all the way through until TC left (way too soon) on Sunday morning. Ummm… but not all in this post…

There were some seriously mind-blowing times, so I might accidentally leave some things out. That does *NOT* mean I didn’t enjoy every single moment. I am still savoring them all. Every. Single. One.)

Friday morning I woke up early enough to do a complete yoga workout. I thought it would be a refreshing start to a day that was going to be long in waiting.

And it was, until I took my shower and grabbed my towel to dry off. At which point, my day disintegrated into a veritable comedy of errors.

It seems that a friend of Thing #2 had come over the previous afternoon to have Thing #1 cut her hair. They used my bath towel to keep the hairs off of her neck. Unfortunately, none of them had the foresight to wash my towel, or even tell me what they had done with it.

Needless to say, as I attempted to dry off, I got a face FULL of tiny, little hair pieces that stuck on me and had to take a second shower.

I had a complete meltdown. Not knowing who was to blame, I started spewing obscenities at Doom-n-Gloom (who wasn’t home at the time, thank goodness!!). Thing #2 came into the bathroom, apologizing profusely, but still wasn’t telling me who the actual culprit was. I explained to her that she didn’t need to apologize because of someone else’s mistake, then told her that she was going to have to walk to school because I wasn’t going to be ready in time.

As Thing #2 was opening the door to leave, Thing #1 came out of their bedroom and explained the whole thing to me: how the friend came over, blah, blah, blah… but I was completely worked up at this point. I was already nervous and getting worked up about that evening and meeting TC. Pretty much anything could have set me over. I yelled again at Thing #2 for not being completely forthcoming with me to begin with and then ranted and yelled at Thing #1 for about 15 more minutes after that.

Either way, I am very thankful that my breakdown happened at home (as well as the ranting). Because, when I got into work, I had some of my lovely mistakes there waiting for me. Three in a row. And I “got to” correct and explain every single one of them. Awesome! Everyone likes a gigantic slice of humble pie handed to them on a Friday morning!

So… That was fun…


Once that bullshit was taken care of, I spent about 20 minutes updating the shared transaction worksheet for our Atlanta office. Which, one of the Atlanta ladies saved over later that day. So I had the opportunity to do that data entry all over again yesterday afternoon.

After lunch, the rest of my work day seemed to go relatively smooth and ended uneventfully. I considered it a win that I didn’t have another complete freak out, knowing that all day long I was a complete scrambled egg thinking about TC and meeting him and our first kiss.

FYI – there is a position for that…

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs…
Who knew?

TC and I chatted a lot with each other throughout the day about how the anticipation was killing us and sent each other sexy memes. It helped to kill the time, but also made it seem like longer at the same time… If that even makes sense.

Finally, it was 5:30 and I drove home from work, uneventfully. Except, as soon as I drove into the parking lot of my apartment complex, Breezy overheated.

All I could think was, Really, Fate?!? After he has already paid for a round-trip flight and a hotel room?!? Now is when you’re going to tell me this is a bad idea?!?

I parked my car and checked the fluids. When I left in a couple of hours, I would make sure to top off the antifreeze. Until then, I would just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Hope that this wasn’t Fate trying to tell me something.

Then, I got the text from TC: his flight was delayed by 30 minutes because the incoming plane arrived late.



Okay. I guess 30 minutes wasn’t so bad.

I logged into my computer and googled his flight (not because I didn’t believe him, but because I wanted to watch and see if it would be delayed more. Also, once he was in the air, I wouldn’t be able to talk to him any more.)

His flight touched down 25 minutes late, but TC had finally arrived in Denver safe and sound.


He texted me as promised to tell me he had arrived.

He called me as promised to tell me when he was on his way out and where to meet me…

Ultimately, I circled the loop at the airport three times with each of us trying different levels and missing each other. The whole time I was freaking out that Breezy would overheat again (it didn’t overheat again all weekend. Yay!) and *he* was freaking out that I might not even show up to get him.

But, eventually we did find each other.

Every time I imagined our meeting, I never could figure out if I would get out of the car and walk to him (or run), or if I would walk around to the other side of the car and open his door (dumb, right?), or if he would just get in and we would kiss in my car (lame). I never once anticipated what actually happened (except the kissing part).

As I was pulling over to pick him up (in a non-pick-up zone…), he walked across the street in front of me so he could meet me at my door.

I got out. We kissed.

We kissed for a long time.

I’m sure that people were watching us, but he felt so good holding me and kissing me. He was there right in front of me.

Touching me.

Holding me.

Kissing me.

We didn’t care.

We were together, completely in the moment.


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  1. Cinn says:

    Long winded ? It’s your blog
    Wind however long you want 😄

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