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The Rest of My Saturday with TC

on May 22, 2015

One of the first things I brought up with TC after breakfast was the way his body quakes and trembles whenever I touch him. Even the slightest touch… I think that will forever fascinate me. Or, at least I hope it will!

After finishing coffee, we moved over to the bed so I could give him a back rub. I wanted to get him good and relaxed enough that he might be able to fall back asleep again, but no such “luck”. Instead, he rolled over and told me he was ready for a snack ūüėČ So I complied by climbing up to the head of the bed, grabbing onto the headboard and sitting on his face.

It amazes the hell out of me, even now as I write about it, that he can go so long with just his face buried in my snatch. He enjoys it more than I enjoy giving head! The night before, when we had barely even met, I think he spent over an hour down there. The entire time seeming like he had no desire at all to feel his dick inside my wet warmth. While I was begging him for it!

When I was ready, I climbed down from his face and rode him until he came. But, even after that, he pushed me to go further until we were both spent and sweaty.

Sportscenter was on in the background. We caressed. Drifted in and out of sleep. Enjoyed each others’ company some more.

We went to lunch and sat outside while we ate our sandwiches. It was sunny. OMFG!! It’s been raining here for 3 weeks straight, but the sun came out for my lunch with TC. It was a gorgeous afternoon!

When we returned from lunch, I smoked him up in my car and we giggled and listened to some of my music. I monopolized the entire conversation, but I get kinda chatty when I’m high. (Later he told me that he intentionally didn’t get high *sigh* and now I feel like a complete dork! Anyway…)

At the end, I think I remember some making out before we went back upstairs for another round.

There was more napping, lots more touching, a shower and then dinner at a sushi restaurant nearby.

We returned to our room, had some drinks, and then it was on! At least for him!


There is no way in a million years I could tell you how long he had his face between my legs that night! When I thought I couldn’t handle any more, he would find a new spot and work intently there (he said that he found 4 different spots. When one was spent, he would¬†explore find the next spot that was ready and work on it. I loved letting him explore me and learn about some of my ‘sexy buttons’).

It had to have been over an hour! He was enjoying himself and I was euphoric. Towards the end, I had my hands on the top of his head and I was pushing him away, begging him to stop. I¬†repeated his name over and over again like a chant, stating over and over how it wasn’t fair I got to feel so good; how much I wanted to make him feel that good, too!

He released my hands and body from his at one point¬†and told me that I could pull away whenever I needed, but he wasn’t going to stop¬†until I did. Eventually, I really couldn’t take it any longer. The intense focus on that pleasure point of my body after so many other times in the past 24 hours, was more than my body and mind could handle (also –¬†beard burn).¬†I pressed my palms into the bed beneath me and pushed my whole self out from underneath him.

I was sitting upright before him, my head sagged between my knees; breathing deeply and probably trembling all over¬†because I could still feel him licking me, tonguing me… It felt like his stubble was still rubbing those delicate lips…

Once I had mostly recovered, I told him it was his turn. I closed my lips¬†on his enlarged cock, my mouth sucking and licking while I cradled his balls in my hand.¬† Then I¬†would wrap my hand around his shaft while I took each testicle in my mouth and savored each like a lollipop. He was moaning and squirming¬†the entire time; I didn’t know men could be so vocally appreciative.

He came in my mouth. It was awesome!

We had more drinks, we had more sex… Every single second with him was so entirely amazing! Somewhere during that time, I completely broke down. There was crying about how sad I was he had to go so soon the next day. There was more crying because I ended up liking him SO much more than I thought I could.

He was wonderful with me. He said the exact right things, like “Honey, if you weren’t sad like this there would be something wrong” and “Roll over here on top of me and just lay on me.” We shared heartbeats, while tears flowed from my eyes and snot from my nose. I loved being there with him so much, I didn’t want it to end.

We went another round and, when we were all done and I was laying curled up on my side completely exhausted, TC brought me a glass of water, asked if I was okay and poured me another drink. That drink stayed on the bedside table until the following morning because I passed out almost immediately. Exhausted and euphoric.

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