Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

From a Man’s Perspective

on June 2, 2015


We’ve just gotten our cocktails as I find your thigh under the table… Smooth under that nice loose summer dress. You smile those bedroom eyes as I sweep my hand up, up, up and then circle back down the top. As a little tease.

I still have a smile on my face from last week when you took me over the top with your oral ministrations… Cycling up and down with lovely stroke, nibbles to my cockhead, sweet massage of my balls, and all as you smiled up at me. Oh god baby, that was good!

We chat about things as I pull my hand up the inside of your thigh. You part your legs reflexively; I push down between a little and find that warm pocket and nestle the heel of my hand a fingers in. Nudging and pressing, stroking over top of two thin cotton layers.

You give me that are-you-really-doing-this-in-the-pub-look, and I return the look with yes-I-am-baby. I’ll be discrete…unless you don’t want my touch.

You let me know with a low moan and you slide down a little to press against my hand. Ah, yes.

I reach to gently pull the loose cotton up between your legs, your long dress covering from any peepers. You help me by bunching it up so I have nice access to your warm panty covered mound. Oh, how lovely you feel as I push fingers down into your pussy slit covering your clit and top of your opening. Wiggling back and forth slowly to connect the electricity. Pressing on your clit to help create that lovely ache. We say little…smiles…hitching breath from you.

You are moving your hips in subtle rhythm now, really only discernible to my hands. Each time you press, I press back, meeting your lovely thrusts. I can’t help but pull back and slip my full hand into your panties, continuing to rake your slit with four fingers now; adding pressure…sliding back and forth…you are so hot now, baby…

“Check, please!”

Bill paid, we head out to our cars. Yours is at the far end of the lot in the corner.

I lean against the car and pull you into me for a nice lip-lock and sexy wrap-around. It seems we are both a little heated and our bodies seem to melt into each other. Deep, passionate kisses. Our hands drop almost simultaneously to each others’ hips, and we instinctively slide bodies open a little. I shift to one side, and you find me easily. I continue caressing your mound as I pull your skirt front up to have one more sweet dip into your nectar.

You find my zipper. Slipping it down so you can slide through my boxer opening to grab my erection…hot and throbbing and eager. As you stroke me gently, I slip over the top of your panties so I can cup your mound with my full hand: my thumb pressing your clit while my middle fingers slide into the opening of your hot juicy slit. Oh, yes baby…I love this!

We rock into each other’s hands…eyes locked…sensual kisses…tongue finding tongue.
You grasp my belt with your other hand as you try to get better access. I help.

The dusk has us barely visible to others on far side of your car. While you sneak my shorts down, I find the sides of your panties and pull them down as well. Instinctively, you slip them off your ankles.

I pull your skirt up. You reach around to grasp my ass from behind and we find each other in a dance hold. Me sliding a little down as you take me and rub my slick cock head against your wetness, and up and down across your pussy entrance.

I drop a little lower. You nestle me into your entrance and we look into each others eyes as I slide slowly, richly, deeply up into you. I grasp your ass to let you feel my throbbing long cock fill you. Baby, we’re going to fuck each other right here like this, passes through my mind as I slide myself slowly down and almost out, so I can work those lovely places just barely inside.

You roll your head back. I think you like it…

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