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Things in Twitter Crush Land…

on June 10, 2015

…could only be better if we were able to see each other more often than…



Other than that, I actually do appreciate all the time we have to spend apart.

We each have to learn how the other works and we have to discuss things.

Instead of just getting into bed every time we wanna fuck to forget, we actually have to deal with our shit. And we are dealing with it together. (A novel concept, right?)

That’s what we talked about the other night.

We talk about his family, his work, his friends.

His fear, his discomfort, his inadequacies.

We talk about me and mine, too.

Last week we talked about the shitty drama of my truck, Bear. And Loserman. I’m going crazy about that shit. I was afraid that it would scare TC away. In fact, he even mentioned that if he was going to leave, that would have been the time.

But, he didn’t go anywhere.

The previous week, I had a breakdown with him about my divorce. I thought TC would be more excited when I had found a solution to my “problem” (I’ll talk about that tomorrow…). Instead, he was trying to be an objective outsider and stay pretty much out of it. I took it the wrong way and withdrew from him.

We talked about it. It was a misunderstanding that was over and solved as quickly as I had imagined it.


After being there for me during a couple pretty crazy times of mine, he’s still “here”. He still wants to try this whatever-we’re-working-on-thing with me!

He thinks I am intriguing

And he treats me so well. He’s so present and attentive.

We talk every day, all throughout the day, when we can. Then we talk at least 4 nights a week on the phone.

So far though, no ventures into naked Skyping.

I can send naked pictures to him on multiple platforms, but getting naked on video isn’t something I am ready for quite yet.

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  1. So glad things are going well for you two…

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