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A Temporary “Problem”

on June 11, 2015

Before I wrote my Signatures post last week, there was a little bit of “drama” with Doom-n-Gloom.

After all this time, he still doesn’t have any type of government-issued picture ID! He wanders around with a ratty old County-Issued Birth Certificate that the state of Colorado won’t even accept as legitimate proof of identity and his photo ID from work. (I wrote my Is a Drivers License Important? post over 2.5 years ago)

When he gets carded at liquor stores, they won’t sell to him because he can’t prove his age. He then argues with the cashier because he is “obviously old enough to buy alcohol, gray hairs and all!” Of course that never helps, but he feels the need to do it anyway.

He has to call and make special arrangements if he needs to take an airplane anywhere. He gets to go to the Special Kids line… I’m so glad he doesn’t travel often, and never with me.

He can’t even get into a marijuana dispensary, let alone buy the shit!

Two weeks ago we went to a Notary Public at UPS to have our divorce papers notarized so I could file them with the county court.

Of course, the Notary would not notarize Doom-n-Gloom’s signatures because he could not prove he was really him.

I was absolutely furious.

This is me at that moment:

Exploding Head by vaneetra

Exploding Head by vaneetra

My head completely exploded right there in the UPS Store.

I stormed out, blinded by rage, skull chunks and brain goo trailing behind me.

I thought that he had resolved this issue. Three months ago, he asked me to print out a Passport Application for him. I printed it out, gave it to him, and now it sits untouched on his dresser. Regardless, I had the impression that he was doing something about his lack of identification!

By the time we got to the car, I had managed to calm down enough to say, “If you can’t get this worked out, I am going to have to get my parents involved and hire an actual attorney. And, if my parents have to pay for my lawyer, you aren’t going to be able to stay in the apartment any more on my dime. There is no way they are going to allow that. Especially not my father!”

He responded with, “That sounds like a threat. I don’t appreciate you threatening me!”

“I’m not threatening you,” I seethed. “I am simply telling you how things are going to be if you don’t get your shit fixed right now and get yourself a picture ID!”

Doom-n-Gloom’s response was cocky and glib, nothing short of what I expected from him, “I don’t see why I should get this fixed. You’re the one who wants the divorce. I shouldn’t have to figure out how to get your papers signed and notarized.”

Good thing that I was driving at the time because I wanted to punch that mother fucker square in the nose and knock his ass out cold!

We came to a stoplight, I turned to him and looked him in the eye, “You should be thanking me for making you do this! How do you think you’re going to get a full time job, an apartment… Fuck, man, how are you going to do anything without that picture ID once I’m not around to do everything for you? You are a grown ass man. You need to do grown ass man things and one of those things is getting a fucking government issued ID with your picture on it!”

He looked back at me and said, “I think there might be a notary at work. I will check around and see what I can find out.”

He didn’t.

He didn’t do a fucking thing.

Of course this doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s no motivation in it for him. For some reason, he seems to think that if he does nothing, then nothing will continue to happen.

Well… While Doom-n-Gloom was trying so ever-loving hard not to do anything, I found a lady at work who would be willing to notarize my divorce papers. Not only had she solved my problem, but she also did it for no charge!

That night, when I got home, I told Doom-n-Gloom that I found someone at work who would notarize his signatures for me. He looked markedly surprised as I took out all the papers and asked him to sign them.

He didn’t look at any of them. He just blindly signed every single one…

I don’t think he even noticed that he could have received $605/month from me in Spousal Maintenance.

Thank goodness for that!! I would have had to get a second job…

12 responses to “A Temporary “Problem”

  1. Unbelievable– he’s not going to be able to function like that for much longer. :-O

  2. sassygirl40 says:

    Did not want to “like” this post because I feel horrible for how frustrating this whole ordeal has been for you….his behavior and attitude is beyond ridiculous….but I like that you found someone to notarize regardless of his bullshit!

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I stopped getting this upset with him a while ago, but this was a special case.
      I hope that he realizes soon that pretending to be helpless isn’t going to get him anywhere.
      XO ❤

  3. loneyheart says:

    thankfully he will not be your problem anymore. Some people need to be forced into action. They refuse to make any changes that will force them to grow the fuck up. Breath deep it will be over soon.

  4. alexclenton says:

    Nope, I would have slammed the breaks on, slapped him silly, then accelerated again. You have more will power than me! But glad you got them papers notorized!

  5. Madeline Harper says:

    God bless you Smitten, I don’t know how you deal with him. I would have killed him by now !

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