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Moving Right Along

on July 9, 2015


In the marriage-ending department things are going well.

I guess I expected a little more bitterness/strife/anxiety from Doom-n-Gloom. Even though he hasn’t changed any of his core behaviors that I cannot live with (eg: his complete inability to realize anyone else exists in this world besides himself, yada yada…), he is being more conversational and ‘friendly’ than usual.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I am NOT complaining!! But Doom-n-Gloom’s lack of ‘passion’ or any sort of feelings towards this divorce gets me to thinking: most men fight back in some way when their wives are divorcing them. In some distorted and perverted and immature way, doesn’t that mean the husband still cares for the relationship and/or wife and is sad/upset/hurt to be losing it/her?? Kind of like pre-separation anxiety?

Anyway, what I think I am trying to say here is:

  1. I am very relieved. Hopefully he stays in his denial holding pattern (if that’s what this is) until after the initial hearing in mid-August (at least).
  2. If he’s this apathetic about me leaving him, how much did he even care about me (and/or us) to begin with?

Truly, none of that really even matters because our marriage was broken long before I started this blog.

It just took me this long to figure out that I deserve to be with someone who cares about me, myself, my well-being and (along with me) endeavors to work on our relationship every single day we’re together – and even on the days when we’re not.

6 responses to “Moving Right Along

  1. Madeline Harper says:

    I know what you mean…I was disappointed in some weird way that my x never got the message that it was over and I was leaving…..and didn’t do anything about it

    • But now he’s fighting you like a crazy person and taking you with him! I think it’s strange that DnG isn’t even asking me for money…

      • Madeline Harper says:

        yes, now he is fighting…but not for the marriage, just for money. I would have though DnG would have asked you for money too, for sure

  2. I should have left my ex years before he left me. The only good thing is he wanted out and didn’t want money, or the house, and have it all to me. He left for me for another woman who he later caught cheating on him. Karma is interesting. He wasn’t and still isn’t a bad guy but I look back and wished I had had the courage to leave him.

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