It’s His Birthday, but I Get the Gifts…

It’s His Birthday, but I Get the Gifts…

In two weeks, I will be with TC for three whole days and two whole nights! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be with him again!

It’s funny because, when we made our arrangements for our first meeting, we only had to wait one single month. Now, for our second meeting, we will have waited a total of 9 weeks. That’s over two fucking months! (And I thought 4 weeks seemed like an eternity…)

I never want to wait that long to see him ever again!

In the meantime, it’s his birthday today (Happy Birthday, Papi!!) and THIS is what’s he has waiting for me in Houston for my visit.


Remember the text conversation with him where I mentioned we should go shopping together to buy something special: “something for only us to know about and share” (and you guys 😉 )? I suggested underwear…


He loved the idea and decided to go with it! After we spoke briefly about why I said “not bras though” – because panties are $7/each and bras are $30 on up… He told me not to worry about that and then instructed me to send him a list of what I like and my sizes and he would pick out some for me. I sent the list and that’s the last I heard about it.

Until a few days ago when he sent me the pictures of my sexy new things…


along with a note stating I won’t be getting all of them at once…

I will be earning them.

Ooohh!!! I am SO MUCH looking forward to that!

And I can’t wait to try it all on and model it for him! Maybe he can help me take each one off to try on the next… With some sexual interluding between changes… (had a dream about that last night. Ooh, it’s still fresh in my imagination!)

Mmm, mmm, mmm!

And, as wrapping for his upcoming “gift” of my arrival on the 24th, I did procure a pair of fancy thigh-high stockings, some garter panties (although mine are red) and a matching bra…

Earlier this morning, I even sent him some choice pictures of myself wearing them. Since I can’t be there in person…


It is his birthday, after all.


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