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Love Me Reckless

on July 31, 2015


Sleeping with TC was just as wonderful as I remembered it. Whether he was conscious for it or not, each and every time his body realized it was without mine, he reached over and pulled me close. It felt so good to be held possessively like that by someone… To feel owned… And, after exposing myself so thoroughly to him… It’s very difficult to describe the content-ness I felt each time he wrapped himself around me.

We slept until at least 10 Saturday morning, and I slept better with TC than I have in a long time; especially because I am not used to sleeping with someone, and we have only slept together two other nights before.

All in all, Saturday was a strange day for me. I acted like every mixed nut in the bowl.

First, I wouldn’t let him leave to go get us coffee. I cried. I insisted that he take me with, even though it was only across the street, barely two blocks away. For a moment, I regained sanity and asked if he wanted to get coffee by himself so he would have some time alone. He explained that wasn’t the case and he would be more than happy to wait for me to get ready and bring me along.

We had a lovely breakfast. Brunch really, it was almost noon when we started eating. I think it was then that TC noticed the heat rash starting on my right shoulderblade. Initially, we weren’t sure it was heat rash… Maybe it was carpet burn, or I was allergic to his detergent, etc… But once it had consumed my entire body by that evening, we knew what we suspected was probably true.

Second, all day long it felt like something was wrong/different with TC, so I continued asking him, ad nauseum, if he was okay. I was being hypersensitive. I’m surprised he didn’t flog me, actually. Instead he was patient and understanding and only told me that it was annoying a couple of times and that was at my insistence.

Thirdly, he doesn’t like to be late to things. But we were late to the Earth Wind and Fire concert by almost an hour. Even though we mutually made ourselves late ‘screwing around’ 😉 I felt responsible and guilty for making us late. At one point on the drive there, I did ask him if he was upset with me because we were late. He snickered a little, smiled and told me that it was more his fault than mine. He was the one who tied me to the bed!

I was super excited to go to the concert because we haven’t gone out together to do anything yet. TC got us lawn tickets. Unfortunately, we arrived late and it was standing room only for the majority of the time we were there, but the concert was totally awesome! But again, I kept asking him if he was okay; this time I actually had a concrete reason to be asking, though. All day long, TC’s joints and body had been hurting and I didn’t want to keep him standing there awkwardly on that hill if he wasn’t having a good time or it was hurting him too much. Each time I asked, he denied his discomfort and stayed there for me.

Finally, after the concert was over and we were on our way home, I think I acted the strangest I had all day. I can’t even explain it, definitely not well enough to go into detail about it here. There was something about my not picking a radio station or something to listen to, even though I was okay with what was on and didn’t want to change it… Also, a comment was made about how TC thought I was looking to find something wrong. I said something about drinking and driving… Let me just say that the ride back from the concert was uncomfortable and much of it was silent.

But, I guess we need to have those moments just as much as we need the orgasmic ones, right?

We got back to his apartment around midnight. I really didn’t want to go to sleep and the last thing I wanted to do was spend the last few hours I had with this man angry at him! We both got drinks and sat down on the couch and talked. We discussed what had happened all throughout the day Saturday and what the fuck was my problem. It was good.

We kissed… Kissing him is lovely. His lips are luscious and so amazing. He kissed me over and over again, opening his mouth to pull my screams into himself while his fingers again worked their wonderful magic on my nearly-spent body. My energy almost completely spent, I rolled off of him on the couch and over onto the floor. I laid there on my stomach, my arms stretched out before me with my ass up in the air practically begging him to play with me some more. Which is exactly what he did.

“Oh, Mami.” He sighed, “You can’t lay there in front of me like that and expect me not to do anything.” As he exhaled slowly in appreciation, he drug a finger across my tired, wet pussy from the tippy-top of my clit all the way to my bottom and, once it was wet enough, began to explore me in a whole new way.

I laid there before him, ass up and completely vulnerable and, instead of ramming his rock-hard dick into me over and over again without abandon (like he mentioned to me later he really wanted to), he gently pressed his finger to my asshole and helped me experience an entirely different kind of pleasure. Slowly and carefully, he moved his finger in and out of my ass, exploring me, finding new spots… The feeling was amazing as I laid there, completely exposed to him, spent and unable to move or struggle.

For fear of “breaking” me, he never took advantage, even though he could have…

How did such an amazing man find me out here scrambled up with the masses?

Exhausted, we climbed into bed together and slept peacefully. Mostly…

There was that one time when he woke me up to mess around, and then that other time when I woke him up to repay the favor…

2 responses to “Love Me Reckless

  1. Da Absentee says:

    Sounds delightful! Im glad you had a good sexy time

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