Smitten and Doom-n-Gloom Go to Court


Last Thursday morning was our initial status conference for the divorce.

I was anxious that, because Doom-n-Gloom doesn’t have a picture ID, we might have some problems. So ahead of time I talked with a court adviser who explained that the facilitator probably wouldn’t even ask for identification — but we should bring whatever he has just in case.

The 35-minute ride to the courthouse was uneventful. It wasn’t even uncomfortable, actually. We had basic conversation about non-consequential things.

When we got there, we had to wait about 30 minutes for our case to be called. The facilitator was friendly and helpful – she was grateful for our civility with each other and got permission to waive our required parenting classes.

She also explained the support. According to income guidelines, I may have to pay him $605/month in Spousal Maintenance and he may have to pay me $165/month for child support.

We were told that both of those should be waived and there should be no hangups. Mostly because:

  • Thing #2 turns 18 in three months
  • She graduates next May
  • Doom-n-Gloom will be living in my apartment until Thing #2 graduates, and possibly until our lease expires mid-September next year
  • Both parties are being cooperative and have already worked almost everything out

Seriously, that’s how smooth it went and there isn’t a single bit of me that wishes I had something more interesting to tell you

We will find out about all of that from the judge at our final hearing on:

September 28th at 11AM.

Exactly two weeks after my 44th birthday I will be divorced!


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