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on August 19, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted a tarot reading I got in my email along with my horoscope. I shared them because they were relevant… Blah, blah…

In the horoscope I remembered to white out my name. In the tarot reading I did not.


All other times where I have accidentally missed my name, I caught it and gone back to delete the tweet or edit the post… But this time I thought, “Oh, what the fuck. It doesn’t really matter anyway.”

I find that, as I get closer to actually being divorced, I don’t really have too many issues with readers knowing who I am. I mean, even not knowing my name, you could pretty much find me in real life now if you wanted to. Subtle is not my strongest suit (unless I am teasing, but that’s not subtle either, just different 😉 ).

As a matter of fact, when I was thinking about it, I realized that if any of you actually ‘discovered’ me, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Not because I want to be (in)famous or anything, it’s simply the fact that (if you’ve been reading me for a while) you know me better than anyone in my actual real life knows me.

Conversely, there are only two (three if you include TC) people in my real life that know about my blog. One is a very long-time girlfriend of mine from back when I lived in Minnesota and the other is Mr. X. There is only one other person I know that I wouldn’t mind if she knew, I just haven’t told her yet.

If I were to meet any of you, I wouldn’t become a different or distant person. I just think it’s funny the amount of things we share online with relative strangers as opposed to people we see in our every day lives.

It’s great to have the forum of blogging to congregate, meet and relate.

Thank you all for reading me, uplifting me, complimenting me, offering me advice and just plain being here.

Thanks Snoopy

13 responses to “Anonymity

  1. I agree! My readers and Twitter followers know the real me much more so than people in “real life”. It’s a funny paradox but I think this is where we come to to our real, authentic selves. Real life does require a certain mask, doesn’t it?
    I’d LOVE to meet you!
    Kat x

  2. blonde vampire says:

    I agree. I would love to meet people I follow. I actually have plans to meet a fellow blogger next year. She and I have become very close

  3. lolarocks says:

    You are, and always will be, smitten. I’m unlikely to ever meet you as I can’t imagine we would ever be in the same place, at the same time, but if we were I would give you a big hug and thank you for all the times you have encouraged me, sympathised with me and generally been a wonderful soul to communicate with.
    Take care smitten & thank you!
    Lola xoxo

    • If I’m ever over there, I will totally let you know!!! You can trust that! But, sadly, I think you’re right.

      I am so grateful that we found each other here and were (and are) able to provide support and love and light to one another. There are some mornings where your comments completely brighten my day. You are totally great, Lola! XOXO!! Thank you, too ❤

      • lolarocks says:

        You are too kind! I’m so glad I brighten your day, as you brighten my evenings!
        Love, light & peace xx

  4. miss agatha armstrong says:

    Oh most Precious girl, I’d meet you in a heart beat, and it would be like we were old friends. Writing and knowing you and the others has given me the strength and courage to let my kinky side out more… My new job in the chandlery has been an excellent example… They all know … I have always been me- nutty, chaotic, relatively nuts and always very eccentric… But now, this side has a life. Being here in Greece is actually quite hard as I have had to hide it away again… My friends here would just not understand and I must confess I am finding it hard and missing Mr F very much, but in a completely different way… A gentler way. I am also missing desperately all of you. I can’t use my telephone here, so I have to wait till I get near internet access… I long to read your words and my treat every evening is a mojito and reading yours and others beautiful words.

    Some know my real name, but I keep it relatively quite – only really for my daughter, but like you, its slipped in unconsciously from time to time.

    You are a beautiful treasure amongst treasures and it would be such an honour one day to sit and hold your hand and just be us . have a glorious day darling girl x

    • You have so much sweetness and love inside of you, my dear, and I am so very thankful that you choose to read my words and share yourself with me here! And, knowing how little time you do have to read and share, I appreciate you even more!!! ❤

      (and I have to admit that I am very jealous of you being in Greece!!)

      • miss agatha armstrong says:

        You funny gorgeous creature… Those are the things I see in you. And I too am so thankful that you read mine, and giggle from time to time. I felt, especially in the beginning that i was crashing into others lives, but you never made me feel anything but welcome – you inspire me to be the girl ive hidden for so long and i so adore you for that x

        • Aw, shucks. That was really nice for you to say! Thank you 🙂 I am glad and, also you should be so proud of yourself for sticking with it!!

          • miss agatha armstrong says:

            Well,I had been talking with another girl and she really threw a spanner in the works … But in retrospect I am glad as it happened … X

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