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The Break Up

on August 31, 2015

Ain’t that the truth…?

It’s over.

What a relief, right? (*sarcasm* – kinda…)

TC broke up with me via text last Thursday night. He made mention of being a Cancer and how he’s not what I want. Then said “Be well”.

(Ironically, my biggest problems with Cancers have been during full moon cycles… This happened 1.5 days before August’s.)

I tried calling; he didn’t answer. I left a very brief voicemail and then sent him a text message.

He continued to break up with me in text messages.

I did not argue. I did not respond.

And I will not do him the justice of posting it here like he’d “hoped”.

It was sent to my bestest of friends. I love them so much! ❤

After that, I went out and bought a pack of cigarettes and drank the rest of my vodka.

Basically, he couldn’t get comfortable with my blog – even though he’s always known about it (without it, he never would have even fucking met me) and always maintained I should never change it.

He said he would just avoid reading it. (You see… There was an ‘incident’ on the Sunday after I returned from my first visit to him – I will tell you about that in a few days…)

But he read my post about this weekend anyway, and rather than read the follow-up post two days later which was much more fair to and understanding of him, he decided to jump to a stupid, drastic conclusion and end “us”.

What a jerk.

You were right, Ann and Kay.

But you already knew that…

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