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My Necklace

on September 17, 2015

At long last, I received my necklace back from TC. Thank you, TC.

Is it a coincidence that it arrived on my birthday or do you think he planned it that way?

As you can see, it’s nothing much. It isn’t made of gold or silver or platinum and it doesn’t have any precious stones set into it.

It’s just a plain, ordinary necklace that I made for myself, then decided to hang in my wonderful truck, Bear. It hung there the entire time I had him (6 years).

When I had to get rid of Bear, I thought about moving it to my car, Breezy, but I wasn’t ready to see it hanging in front of my face every day: morning and night, reminding me of painful things too close to my heart. Instead I decided to give it to TC as a special “piece of me” that he would be able to keep close to him when I was far away.

Now that I have it back, I really don’t know what to do with it.

Now, it has even more negative energy and memories attached to it, and it used to be such a beautiful piece of myself.

Part of the band was mashed in a post office machine during the process of being mailed back and a few of the beads were disintegrated.

Maybe I can rebuild it and it will become more beautiful than before…

10 responses to “My Necklace

  1. johnnyid says:

    Rebuilding it even better makes a lot of sense, a positive transformation. 🙂

  2. Absolutely — a slight rework will eliminate the negative energy, too.

  3. lolarocks says:

    I’m sorry to disagree but I’d drive over it and mash that into the concrete! Every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of what it represents. You know me smitten, I say it as I see it. I’m sure whatever you decide will be the right decision for you. Sending you lots of positive energy & light despite my rather brutal post x

    • I didn’t take it as brutal at all, Dear. XOX! Just honest, and that’s how I want you to be. This has been a week of struggling and I can’t figure this shit out. Beading is therapy for me, so I can’t tell if I should fix it and give it to a friend or if I should just do what you say… PMS sucks!!

      XOX! Lola, your words always mean so much to me! Thank you for saying something ❤

      • lolarocks says:

        I’m sorry you’re struggling my friend. Know that better days are coming. PMS most definitely sucks so give yourself a few days then decide then. Xx

  4. Da Absentee says:

    Just toss it. If you need one. Make a new one. Start fresh.

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