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I’m Too Scary

on September 25, 2015

I have WAY too much energy and I get excited very easily

At those times (and various others), I can be too loud

My sex drive is VERY intensely high

I smoke too much weed

I am vulgar

I am shy

I can be moody

I like too many “guy things”

I have issues with impulse control

Roller Skating is only cool to so many people; everyone else thinks it’s insane

SpongeBob is my hero and I love watching cartoons

I like to listen to gangsta rap — really loud (is there any other way?!?).

I am scared that people won’t like me because of all those strange things

I am scared that the ONE person out there who did like me, in spite of all that, might be the one who’s dead to me

I suck at this

But this is me…

I Am Me

credit: Rob Miller on Twitter (click picture)

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