Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out

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I’m more of a “guys’ night in” type of person, really…

Football, sitcoms, video games…

This afternoon I am flying back to MN to spend the weekend with an old girlfriend of mine.

Funny thing is, I just can’t seem to get jazzed about it. (Please don’t be sad if/when you read this, Hon. I really don’t fucking know what’s wrong with me!)

She’s taking me skating tonight when I get there (if my flight arrives on time). It’s an awesome rink that my skate friend Amy  visits every time she goes home. Saturday night her sisters want to hang out and go bar hopping… When she told me that yesterday morning, I was kinda filled with dread.

What the hell kind of reaction is that? I know I don’t like groups of people, but once I get out there I also know that everything will be great and we will have a ton of fun!

Even the thought of getting to go roller skating (and show off) doesn’t help me get psyched.


In fact, I am having a super-hard time getting psyched about anything any more.

And it seems like everything and everyone is just too fucking annoying. It’s really bugging me!

I am practicing tolerance, but I think that because my problem is within me, and probably with myself, I can’t seem to actually be tolerant and I am faking it horribly.

Inside I feel like I am melting.

Hopefully this mini-vacation will help!


5 thoughts on “Girls’ Night Out

  1. I’m hopeful you have a great time when you get there, it could be just what you need. Get dressed, get glam & hit that dance floor!! You know you’ll enjoy the skating & I’m sure your friend is looking forward to seeing you & throwing you a good time after all your recent issues.
    Have fun – that’s an order!
    Lola xx

    1. Oh, Lola! You are so sweet and so right. Last night skating was so fun! Today we are going to some vineyards and maybe a distillery, then tonight a haunted hay ride. Thank you for the love ❤💙💚💛💜

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