Smitten with Him

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Remember Mitch?

on October 15, 2015

Probably not, right?

I first introduced him quite a while ago: Coyness is a Virtue?

Then there was my post Work and Sex Don’t Mix?

Mitch is 58. He tells me all the time that he never messes around with women that much younger than him (I am 14 years his junior), that he doesn’t want to get into another complicated “relationship” and that I should be “trying to find a man closer to [my] age”. But he kinda looks after me in a very fatherly type of way. It’s been 6 months since we started messing around and it’s been nearly a year where he calls me almost every, single day.

He also calls me in the middle of the night when he gets drunk or high and tells me to cum over so he can eat my pussy (which isn’t very often, but it’s funny as hell). I live over 30 minutes away from him…

We talk about all sorts of stuff: our broken relationships, his swollen prostate, my peri-menopausal period that lasts 4 weeks sometimes…

In fact, before we even started fucking each other, we talked about the repercussions of having sex and working in the same office, maintaining our friendship, complications with exes…

I like knowing the boundaries of our relationship.

I like having a consistent sexual partner so we can learn and explore and have that comfort level with each other. I hate having to ‘start over from scratch’ all the time.

We’ve never gone on any actual dates… There have been work functions that we have both attended together, but not together.

Last week he told me (while he was drinking, so I took it with a grain of salt) that one day he is going to call me up out of the blue and tell me to pack a bag and meet him at the airport. No questions asked. Whether he was serious or not, my panties were dripping wet after he said that to me!

Bearing in mind yesterday’s post and knowing the negative repercussions of casual sex, I like having Mitch as a “friend with benefits”. I might fantasize about having something more with him every once in a while, but I like how comfortable we are with each other.

And, after all this time of getting to know me, he still likes me and is still my friend.

If something happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

That’s where I’m at right now.

One response to “Remember Mitch?

  1. […] happened was, one day, while I was talking on the phone with Mitch, the crazy bitch walked by my office and overheard one sentence and overreacted. Without knowing […]

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