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Meet: Alaska

on October 21, 2015


So, I’ve been talking about this guy, but not really about him so much.

First off, if you didn’t manage to guess already 😉 he’s from Alaska, and just moved to Denver at the beginning of this summer.

He’s 42 and has three teenage sons who still live in Anchorage. They will be moving to here sooner than later (the two older boys are looking to go to CSU for football – his eldest graduates in 1.5 years).

He doesn’t talk much. That’s going to take some adjustment for me. I am used to having a chatty partner. Alaska is chill all the time; very easy-going…

Dominance is something he only really exerts during sex – and then only sometimes and not to any extreme. We’ve touched on that subject briefly. I expect to talk about it more as we spend more time together.

He likes salmon fishing, camping, football (he’s a man. Honestly, he likes ALL sports…), Real Husbands of Hollywood

He bowls on Mondays, is in a Thursday night Softball league and plays basketball on weekends.

For work he sells health products, is a real estate agent and also a ForEx trader.

Oddly enough, last week I was starting to think that he wasn’t really that into me, but then the last several days happened…

Last Tuesday night I stayed over at his place. After some fabulous Wednesday-morning-wake-up sex, he sent me off to work with a gigantic smile.

But then I barely heard two words from him until I messaged him Friday evening asking, “So, are you gonna take me out to dinner Saturday night?

His response seemed almost aloof. “I think I have a showing that afternoon. You’ll have to wait and see.

I said something like, “Okay, cool.”

Then didn’t hear back from him until Saturday evening when he texted, “What are you doing?

Making dinner.

We texted very briefly/idly about that and it ended.

Until 12:15 AM Sunday morning when he resumed again with a, “Hey.”

*sigh* Again more pointless banter, more sporadic this time. Like, a text from him every 30 minutes or so (I would like to point out that this made it very difficult for me to fall asleep. Which is what I was trying to do before whatever-this-was started happening). I figured he was drinking or something…

Then, after I had successfully managed to drift off to sleep, he called me. And, like an idiot, I answered!

My excuses are:
One – I was asleep so I didn’t even think twice about answering a ringing phone
Two – I figured he had been drinking and might actually need a ride or help

Thankfully, option 2 was not the case, but his brothers *had* decided to take him out drinking and, while they were hitting on girls, Alaska called me instead!

Once he realized what time it was and that he had woken me up, he apologized profusely and told me “Good night”.

Admittedly I was annoyed, but I also found it charming that, instead of flirting with girls like his brothers were, he called me!

That’s kind of a big deal!

Later Sunday evening on my way to go skating, I stopped by his place and we talked about it (OMG! Like grown-ups!) because it bothered me that he seemingly blew me off to go out and get drunk with his brothers…

His response was so sweet that it melted my heart, “I wanted to take you out last night, Smitten! There are so many things I want to do with you and places I wish I could take you, but right now I am operating in the red. I came to Denver to build a life and plan a business and to prepare things for my sons to move out here. I never planned on *meeting you*!”

Then he leaned into me and kissed every little bit of my chest so tenderly, up my neck and behind my ear… One of his hands in my hair and the other at the small of my back.

I am kind of having a hard time maintaining that this man really isn’t that into me…


Last night, bedtime


2 responses to “Meet: Alaska

  1. smitten says:

    Please tell me more of what you are thinking 🙂
    I’m not planning on marrying the guy… There is no limerence… It’s nice when he pays attention to me and then he fades into the background. Which is mostly okay, I have two other sexual partners (one of whom pays quite a lot of attention to me 😉 ) and I am not looking for commitment (at least I don’t think I am). I still have issues with the green monster, jealousy… Like when I see that he’s still on Tinder. *BUT* that’s because *I* am still on Tinder – I have a date with someone else this coming Sunday.

    Thanks for commenting!

    • lisafab says:

      In case you need a reminder, I’m also from Denver so just want to look out for a fellow CO chick =)
      A) You have sex with him Tues and then you hear NOTHING from him?!?! Not cool at all in my book…If a guy likes gal, he’s gonna reach out and say at least “hi.”
      B) He drunk calls you?!? Believe me, I’ve drunk dialed before and it’s never something I’m proud about and again in my book, it really shows no interest, he’s bored and drunk so he calls you….
      Like I said, hopefully I’m wrong, but those are red flags to me….

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