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The Best Sk8-venture Ever!!

on November 12, 2015

My weekend was just about as perfect as a vacation weekend could be.

Unlike Loserman last year, my ride (Mr R) was precisely on time.

Everyone arrived at the airport with plenty of time to get through security. We even had enough time to sit down and have a nice breakfast!

Breakfast on the way to KC

Eleven of us flew (on the same flight, mind you! One is missing from the pic in the far left corner) and one drove. It was unbelievable that so many people went along! 8 boys, 4 girls…

Everything went so smoothly: our flight was on time, we got good rental cars, we had time to stop and get groceries and lunch and alcohol, our rooms were ready when we got to the hotel/s (I stayed across the street because I booked my room in the skate party room block at the host hotel; their reservations were made too late to get the 5 rooms they needed)…


Ten days before we left, I asked Team Leader if anyone had thought about how we were going to get our weed to Kansas City… Was someone going to check a bag? Since I wasn’t the one who bought my ticket, I only had an extra carry-on bag; there was no way I was going to fly with pot through security! So far, it hasn’t been a problem if I check it.

We discussed it for about 30 seconds and his answer was to make that my assignment: I needed to get enough marijuana for 8-10 people to last the weekend and figure out how to get it to us. He asked how much money I needed and, at the end of the night, handed me enough to get half an ounce from a grower I know.

The following weekend I went to my “caregiver’s” house and purchased our weekend stash. I told her what was going on and even got a little bit extra to bring for just myself 😉

I shipped it all in some airtight containers with some coffee grounds to myself at the hotel to arrive the day before I did… Easy peasy…

(that being said, none of the hard-core pot smokers coming along knew about this plan. They had all resolved themselves to a pot-free weekend.)

The rest of the group went to their hotel and checked in while Mr R and I drove off to get everyone pipes – Team Leader had given me a hundred dollar bill and I was told to “take care of it, there was a tobacco store right up the street next to a Popeye’s. That’s where we got our pipes last time.”

We drove around and couldn’t find a Popeye’s… But it wasn’t long before we found a tobacco shop.

Mr R asked if I wanted him to come in with me… I said I would be fine…

And I was. The store owner loved that we were from Colorado and was more than happy to help supply us with paraphernalia for the weekend. I even got my pipe free! (Too bad we had to ditch them at the end of the weekend 😦 )

Mr R carried my bag for me as I got checked into my hotel room and picked up my care package full of weed. He stayed with me and helped me get checked in and settled into my room.

I was SO looking forward to getting up to my room and smoking a big, fat bowl in my new, temporary pipe. *sigh* But we didn’t have any lighters! Devastation!! Instead I had a quick shot of vodka, separated out the weed that I had brought for myself, then we headed back to the other hotel via a gas station to get lighters.

While at the gas station, Mr R got a text from Team Leader that we still needed to go out and get 24 9-volt batteries (we all have skate lights and left the batteries at home so we wouldn’t lose them in security). Mr R and I got a little edgy at that point because everyone else was in their hotel rooms all happy and relaxing and we were still having to go out and run errands. That, and we should have thought of it ourselves!

Conveniently, one of the boys (the one with the pink hoodie in the pics) happened to stop by the gas station as we were leaving.

I unloaded the pot, lighters and pipes on him. I just handed him the care package and said, “Here is Team Leader’s and my gift to all of you. Go bring it to everyone, split it up, smoke and be happy.”

“What?!? What are you saying?”

“Ummm… There is weed in that box, with pipes and lighters. Team Leader gave me the money and I shipped it to myself at the hotel.”

“Oh my God, Smitten. You are so awesome!! I love you more than I did before!”

So, everyone else started getting high while Mr R and I went off to find our 2-dozen batteries.

Eventually, we got to relax too…

Then it was dinner time – sushi for 12, please?

Sushi Dinner

After dinner, we returned to our rooms to rest before skating started at midnight. No one really rested though. Got high and had cocktails maybe…

Skating was awesome!! Both nights.

I posted some videos from Saturday night – some of them are below. Unfortunately, as of right now, there are none with me…

If you see skates with lights, most of them are us (Rollerbrights), although a few people did buy some (enough to pay for our dinner both nights! Woo hoo!).

Friday night there was about 175 skaters in attendance. Saturday night was more than double that!

The rink floor was more than enough to accommodate all skaters comfortably. Especially since we all knew how to skate already

(hopefully my skate videos will help you understand why I love it so much!)


Saturday night’s dinner before skating offered us an interesting experience… One of the guys commented to me about an older woman leaving with a walker. What he said was: “That lady’s all ready to go skating with us tonight. She has her skate trainer and everything.”

I responded, “Don’t say that!” Then I giggled, “I am going to be that lady some day. I won’t be able to skate without something to help me stay up.”

We were laughing and he agreed with me. But that woman’s son did not have the same sense of humor. And, in front of all 12 of us, demanded an apology from the offender = T.

T walked over to the man and apologized profusely. Admitting that what he said was rude and wrong and he shouldn’t have said it.

The man didn’t want just a verbal apology and asked T to take it outside and apologize there.

T was the bigger man and said, “I will not. I apologized sincerely right here to your face in front of everyone. We don’t need to take anything outside. Have a good night.” Then returned to stand with the rest of our group while we waited to be seated.

Mr R took really good care of me the entire time. Friday night we skated together more than Saturday, mostly because it was less crowded.

He was the one who bought my plane ticket and paid for my extra carry-on… He was the one who picked me up for the airport and then also made sure I got home safe… He was the one who delivered me to my hotel each night/morning after skating, making sure I didn’t have to cross the street so late and so tired…

As a matter of fact, I considered giving him my room key Sunday morning after our Saturday night skate…

But I didn’t.

Instead I curled up on him at the airport Sunday morning, and on the plane ride home and also on the shuttle ride back to his car (the shuttle ride was the best because he put his arm around me and pulled me into him)…

On the way home

4 responses to “The Best Sk8-venture Ever!!

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Such fun my lovely one x you sound so very happy xxxx

  2. Megan says:

    Sounds like great fun with a great bunch of people – I can understand why you love it so much.

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