Tuesday morning after our last “round” of morning sex before I had to leave…

Alaska: I’ve literally spent the last day trying to fuck the wetness out of you and you just don’t stop!

Me (once I finished laughing my ass off): I told you…! I’m insatiable. But, it has happened before. Give it a couple of days… Did I wear you out?

Alaska: Yeah. A little bit…

Me: And you thought you were strange…


2 thoughts on “Wetness

    1. LOL! He’s very good about recovery time… Never been a problem getting an erection or a happy ending out of him – he was just exhausted! At 8 in the morning, mind you 😉 ! I don’t think men take me seriously when I tell them I have a high sex drive. To date, I have only met one who could keep up and that wasn’t anything long-term…

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