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Dinner Date with Mr. R

on November 25, 2015


So, while I was on my Sk8-venture, Mr. R took really good care of me. Before we even left, he paid for my round-trip plane tickets! He picked me up from the airport and dropped me off after it was all over. Also, while we were there, I rode around with him on errands and he made sure that I was okay and had someone to look after me the entire time.

It was all very fatherly and loving and it felt just plain nice.

He is also old enough to be my father (well, not my father, because my father is in his 80s…).

Anyway… Last Friday night we went on our first official date: sushi dinner and a walk around the mall.

It was nice. A little awkward because of our age difference, but I didn’t put much mind to it.


He’s kind and chivalrous. He pays for everything (seriously!!). He likes to kiss. He has an excellent, but very physical job with the strangest hours. He’s very active and energetic – I mean, for an ‘old guy’ he won’t have any problem keeping up with me, at least activity-wise…

On the other hand(s):

  • He doesn’t want to talk about his past at all (divorce, kids my age that he barely ever sees but live right here, etc)
  • He currently lives with his sister and brother-in-law in a room at their house up in the mountains and has no intention of getting his own place any time soon (what is my thing about attracting men without a home?!)
  • He’s a complete minimalist (which he kinda has to be since he doesn’t have his own place…)
  • Silly, I know, but he has tiny lips and a huge beard and long kinda unruly hair. Even though he’s well-groomed and clean, I am not a huge fan of that look and his lips are really hard to find in all that facial hair (but he does have this one furry hat that makes him look totally adorable)

He has been divorced 3 years. That’s all I could get out of him. When I asked how old his kids are, he looked me straight in the eye, said my name admonishingly and shook his head at me.

Sometimes the conversation felt awkward and forced – but it was only our first ‘date’.

The entire time we were together, it was snowing. Hard. Especially for the two hours we were wandering around the mall.

So, when he brought me back to my car it was pretty well covered with the white stuff. Mr. R had me wait in his warm car while he started mine up and cleaned it off for me!!! (Loserman used to do that, but this isn’t about him and I am not comparing!).

After he finished cleaning off my car, he got back into his and I leaned over to give him a kiss. As I did, he readjusted himself in his seat, took off one of his gloves and said, “It needs to snow more often!” Then he reached behind my neck and pulled me into him again to continue where we had left off.

Kissing him was so interesting. Like I said, he has absolutely tiny lips and a huge beard. It really is tough to kiss the right parts and not get lip gloss all in his moustache, but he seemed to enjoy himself. At one point, he even slipped me a little tongue… But then he waggled it up and down so fast… I imagine that would have had a lovely sensation somewhere else on my body… I quickly pulled away from the crazy-tongue and resumed regular lip kissing until he said, “We could probably do this all night long, but you need to get home to drive Thing #1 to work.”

We said our goodbyes and he cleaned off my car again before I drove away.

Saturday night we met for dinner before the rest of our skate group showed up. Things seemed a little “off” with him, but he bought my dinner and sat next to me while we ate… Other people got there and we talked about our next trip, then we all went to the skating rink for the next couple of hours… That part seemed normal-ish.

Mr. R still felt off, though.

Near the end of the night I was standing and resting near the pop machine during one of the roller skating games and Mr. R came over to stand by me. He said, “I’m kinda off tonight. I think I’ll probably feel that way for a while” and left it at that.

I reached over and grabbed his hand in mine and said, “I’ve been feeling that. If you want to talk or you need anything…” I drifted off because he understood what I was saying and, other than to ask what was bothering him, there was nothing left to say.

Funny thing is, I only thought for a second: was it our date that has him feeling so strange?

Skating ended normally and Saturday evening was the last time I saw him.

He has touched base with me each morning and evening since.

He also bought my $400 round trip ticket for our next (one night) skate trip in January to Dayton, OH…

5 responses to “Dinner Date with Mr. R

  1. oceanswater says:

    Well he certainly sounds like an adventure… Best to you!

    • smitten says:

      Thanks! I think this one will be my most interesting one yet…
      XOX! Happy Thanksgiving, Hon ❤

      • oceanswater says:

        well if you can get over his lips and beard it will be fine. Personally I have never liked a man with a beard and J is older than I am but very viral and loving and generous… Happy Thanks Giving to you too sweetie!

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